Is Microsoft Regaining Public Confidence?

With the release of the Windows 10 technical preview, it’s received both good and bad reviews. There were mixed reviews of Windows 8, too, but it seemed to leave an overall bad taste in people’s mouths. Is the Windows 10 technical preview helping Microsoft regain public confidence?

The Windows 10 technical preview seems as if it should be a major release. It’s being changed enough that Microsoft didn’t even bother to name it Windows 9. It skipped right over it in the numeric numbering system and went straight to 10. And while it seemed to be the only game in town not too long ago, consumers have many other options now. They can either go with an operating system such as Linux or Mac OS or they can go all mobile and stick with Android or iOS. If Microsoft wants to keep the users they have and possibly even gain new users, they need to regain the public confidence that seems to have slowly been dropping.

Is the Windows 10 Technical Preview just what you needed to trust Microsoft again with your computing needs? Or do you think they still have a way to go before they can win back your trust?

Is Microsoft regaining confidence with Windows 10?

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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  1. Microsoft is not losing as much ground in the server world as it is in the mobile and desktop market. At least from my perspective working at a large global company that has been in the game for many years. But I take it this article is not about corporate trust but end user trust. My trust was not lost because of the changes they made in Windows 8.1. It was lost because I wanted to explore different OS’s and found Linux to be interesting and super customizable. Then I came upon a MAC book Pro….. Never looked back. This does not mean that I don’t use Windows, as I do. But I do feel that OSX is a better operating system then the current offerings Microsoft has out today.

  2. Reading what you wrote in the article, the question should be “Will you use Windows again.” On my home PC currently I am using Linux and plan to use it till death do us part. I have used Windows at work and will use it again if I have to.

    I have never trusted Windows O/S, and never will, because it was poorly designed and poorly written. Over the years Windows has become prettier and has acquired new features. It may even have become somewhat more secure. But how can one trust an O/S with security holes that have not been fixed since its first commercial release.

    I also have never trusted Microsoft because of their predatory business practices, corporate policies and of their inability or unwillingness to fix the basic and pervasive Windows problems.

    I don’t trust the company and I don’t trust their software. In my opinion it is going to take much more than the release of one proof of concept O/S for Microsoft to regain any amount of user trust. Also I suspect that many features currently in Win 10 TP will actually be present in the Win 10 commercial release. In the past Microsoft has shown features in O/S preview versions which were not present in the subsequent commercial release. The term “bait and switch” comes to mind.

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