Can Microsoft Get Back Into the Mobile Game by Acquiring Nokia?

While at one time most technology news was dominated by Microsoft and Bill Gates, that isn’t the case anymore. That news now sees the names of Samsung and Apple while technology has migrated to mobile devices. Microsoft appears to be changing that by putting a plan in motion to acquire one-time mobile phone giant Nokia. Will reintroducing themselves to the mobile game make a difference for the one-time tech leader?

Nokia already had a name for themselves in the mobile phone business. They were early pioneers and at one time had the best-selling mobile phone of all time. Much of that changed with the introduction of Apple’s iPhone. Nokia continued to dominate the market, with its closet competitor being Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, but a year later Apple’s mobile system pulled ahead of Microsoft and cut into Nokia’s lead. Microsoft tried to regain what they lost by revamping their mobile operating system, but it simply wasn’t enough to overtake Apple and Samsung, who was quickly rising in this market, enough to overtake Nokia and its lead.

Is Microsoft too late to acquire Nokia now? Can Microsoft get back in the mobile game with the addition of Nokia’s mobile business?

Can Microsoft get back into the mobile game by acquiring Nokia?

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