Is Google Still the Best Search Engine Out There? [Poll]

Google is no longer the only horse in town. There are several other search engine alternatives out there, each of them with their own benefits, yet they all basically do the same thing. Is Google still the best one to use?

Google is usually the easiest search engine to access. It’s the default search engine for many browsers, although Firefox has recently announced that it’s going to switch to Yahoo! So don’t count Yahoo! out yet; they appear to be making a comeback. Bing made a big splash several years ago, and has become the default search engine for iOS’s Safari. DuckDuckGo is the new (or not so new anymore) kid on the block and is great if you want to do some private browsing and searching.

But are these search engines better than Google? Part of the beauty of Google is that it connects with all of its other services, and that’s something you miss out on by using the other search engines. But that is also its cons as it attempts to access to everything you stored on their server, leaving you with no privacy.

Is Google still the best search engine out there?

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  1. I would love for Bing or Yahoo or even DuckDuckGo to be as good as google. But they are not. Every month, I would change my default search engine to anything other than google. But after a few days frustration sets in as most of their search results are not as relevant. For instance, whenever I google for something, one of the first results is the relevant Wikipedia page. Which is convenient since Wikipedia articles are relevant. Yet it fails to appear on the first page of searches in Bing and Yahoo.

    Or how about troubleshooting. If I get an error message, I try to search for a solution. Bing usually fails to give enough good articles to get the problem fixed. Yahoo is almost as bad, but they at least give you Yahoo Answers results that are marginally useful. Google is still king, as its results is usually adequate to fix most problems on the very first page. For a tinkerer, the alternatives fail.

    Image searches is another thing, though Bing and Yahoo are getting better. Google is still best because of its reverse image searching and search similar image features. And whenever I go looking for esoteric album covers for my music collection, or clip arts for my power point presentations, Google Image Search finds the best ones to use.

    Oh how I wish that there would be a viable alternative. Google is not a benevolent public service company, it’s a massive advertising empire that collects and mines data from all of its users. It reads/scans your gmails, it tries to uniquely identify you and build a dossier around your online life, and it does not honor do-not-track headers. I have no love for the company, but am conflicted since it has the BEST search engine and no other service can provide the drop-in replacement that I’m looking for. (And that includes DuckDuckGo and Startpage.)

  2. I don’t give a damn that Google is the best. I will not use it. It collect too much information.

  3. From a search standpoint Bing and Yahoo are the same. They have been in bed together now for more than 3 years. While both return different rankings for different sites and if you are a webmaster you still have to jump through each of their hoops, from a searchers standpoint the only difference is who you trust to give you a higher result to any given website. The bottom line is if you dont care about ranks and dont care which engine is promoting what, the results while who is on top of who may be different the results are identical since they both use the exact same engine.

  4. Using Google via Disconnect plugin is simple the best option. I like DuckDuckGo but they seem to have something against porn images -maybe they are silly relifreaks- so I stopped using then, porn is an important part of my life.

    1. hey if you stopped using ddg just because you couldn’t found porn, get back at it right now
      you just need to type !safeoff in your query to have porn results ;)

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