Is Google Evil? [Poll]

As long as Google has been around, there have been complaints about it. It does enjoy a certain monopoly as far as search engines go despite not being a true monopoly, and now its products seem to be infiltrating all areas of technology. Does this make Google evil?

Everyone is familiar with that bright multi-colored logo for Google. The search engine that started it all is so widely used that often when we want to search for some particular information online, we announce that we’re going to “Google it.” But it didn’t stop there as it started associating itself with other products. There’s Gmail which is used by many, a cloud storage service called Google Drive, Google Docs which is an online office suite, and even a social networking service, Google+. It has its hands in the Android OS as well as the Chrome OS. It also owns YouTube. It almost seems like it’s too much. It’s like a world domination.

It’s certainly led to some people having a great dislike for the company. Some people avoid all Google products as if they have a plague attached. But does it make them evil because they are all over all aspects of technology?

Is Google evil?

Is Google Evil?

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