Irradiate – Block iTunes Radio Advertisements on Mac and iOS for Free

iTunes Radio is a great radio service provided by Apple. You can create your own stations, and it can also generate a radio station based on input like a single artist with songs by them and others that are similar. The only drawback is the advertisement that shows up intermittently, which can be annoying to some. One of the ways to bypass the advertisement is to sign up for iTunes Match, which can set you back $25 per year. Another way is to use the Irradiate app to block the advertisement from being played. Let’s check it out.

Irradiate is a simple app for both Mac and iOS. What it does is simply intercept the connection between iTunes and the server on which iTunes Radio advertisements are stored. When the connection is blocked, iTunes can no longer access the advertisements, and it will just skip them.

To get started, download Irradiate from its website.

Extract the archive and run the application. Immediately, it will show a popup prompting you to click the “Block Ads” button.


The following popup will verify that Irradiate has successfully blocked iTunes Radio ads.


To restore ads, simply run the Irradiate app again and click “Restore ads.”


That’s it.

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