iStonsoft iPod to Computer Transfer

This is the third day of our Birthday giveaway. The giveaway software for today is iStonsoft iPod to Computer Transfer.

If you own an iOS device, namely an iPhone, iPad or an iPod, you will know that iTunes is a must for you to sync all your files to it. To make things “better”, all the files that are transferred to your iOS devices are encoded in Apple specific format and you can’t just plug your device in and transfer all your music/video/photos to your computer. iStonsoft iPod to Computer Transfer is a software that allows you to export all your file from your device to your computer without having to go through iTunes. While the name state that it is meant for “iPod”, it will work for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well.

Note: To use iStonsoft iPod to Computer Transfer, you will need to install iTunes as well. This will provide the necessary driver to access the device.

1. Once installed and on the first run, you will see something like this:


2. Plug in your device. If it does not detect your device, click the Refresh button. This is what you will see.


3. Select the files that you want to transfer to your computer and click the “Export” button.


That’s it.

iStonsoft iPod to Computer Transfer is a simple software, but it definitely fills a niche that iTunes is not providing (or Apple is not allowing). It will be great though if you can add files to it as well. At the moment, it is only a one-way transfer from your device to your computer.

iStonsoft iPod to Computer Transfer

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