iOS or Android – Which Camp Are You in and Why?

It’s a question that isn’t asked much anymore, as we all seem set in our ways, and we certainly won’t settle it here, but we thought it would be interesting to take a look at your preferred mobile OS. Everyone has their preferences, and we want to know why. We asked our writers, “iOS or Android – which camp are you in and why?”

Our Opinion

Ada goes with Android mostly because she’s just a fan of open source. She’s not a big mobile user, though, and mainly uses her smartphone as a clock with an older version of Android. The only time she actively uses mobile is when she’s traveling, which isn’t often.

For Phil, it’s “iOS all the way.” He fully admits to having been an Apple nerd for some time but also admits he’s “had to be platform agnostic to get the job done.” He likes the way iOS works consistently across different models and finds “the inconsistencies between Android devices more than a little frustrating at times.” He doesn’t think they’re as durable but also admits to never owning “a decent quality Android phone.”

Kenneth is an Android fan for many reasons but says “customization and storage are the main reasons why I feel disinclined to switch to Apple.” He likes that Android is “highly customizable as opposed to the homogeneity offered by Apple.” He captures a lot of photos and videos, so he needs a lot of storage, and Android offers support for microSD, which Apples doesn’t.


Alex is currently using an iOS device, “but it’s mostly because I like it more, not because it’s inherently better.” When he made the switch, he thought he’d miss Android’s customizability but has learned “I’m pretty bad at customizing my devices and still having them function reasonably well.” He adds that he’s substituted the opinion on Apple’s designers for his own, and he’s not unhappy about that.

Fabio uses Android because he feels he has more options than iOS and believes you can do more with Android as well.

Ryan is another one who likes the customization of Android, with custom launchers and ROMs. He doesn’t like the closed ecosystem of iOS. “While I will admit that iOS is superior for people who want an easier, more fluid ‘it just works’ experience, anyone who wants more control over their device has to go with Android.”

With two Android phones, an Android tablet, and an Android TV box, Damien feels he’s “too heavily invested in the Android ecosystem” to make the switch to iOS. Additionally, he notes he’s “cheap and doesn’t want to spend a laptop price on an iPhone.” He does own an old one, though, but it’s used strictly for development and testing.

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a die hard iOS gal. I don’t even use a computer as much, but if I did it would be a Mac, as like Phil, I’ve been an Apple nerd as well for years. But I do everything on my trusty iPad. I happen to like it better. I’ve used the Androids of others, but it just doesn’t compare to the experience of using an iPhone to me.

Your Opinion

What about you? If you’re using Android, is it because of the customization options? If you prefer iOS, is it because you’re a longtime Apple user or because you don’t to customize your phone in the first place? iOS or Android – which camp are you in and why? Join our conversation in the comments section below.

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