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It’s hard to remember back to a world before emojis. They’ve become an accepted part of our vernacular and a normal way of expressing ourselves. The thought of adding sound to them is a bit exciting! And now the Facebook Messenger app for iOS has added Soundmojis. Read on to find out all about Messenger’s newest feature.

Messenger Introduces Soundmojis

Admit it – sometimes emojis are lifesaving. You know you need to say something, but nothing comes to mind. That’s when a simple 👍 will suffice. And inserting 🤣 just seems so much better than typing LOL.

There’s just much more to say with emojis than with a simple like or dislike. And once you provide a little sound to it without the need to attach a YouTube clip, it can add much more context to your reaction.

With World Emoji Day on July 17, Messenger added Soundmojis to the iOS app just in time, making it a part of the Expressions menu.

Messenger Soundmojis Clapping

There are the usual suspects, such as 👏, and there are other emojis that mean so much more with sound attached, such as 🥁 and 🦗. Along with those sound effects, there are also voice clips from TV shows and movies, such as F9, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Bridgerton.

In a blog post, Messenger vowed that there would soon be a complete soundmojis library. It promises to update the iOS app regularly with more soundmojis.

How to Add Soundmojis

Soundmojis are already part of the Messenger app, but it may be difficult to find them despite the appearance of it being easy. I spent nearly an hour looking for them and researching why I couldn’t see the option.

While the App Store said I had the most recent version of the Messenger app, I had to delete it and re-download it to see the soundmojis option. It’s an easy fix, however.

To add a soundmoji to a message on Messenger:

1. Start a new chat or open an existing one.

2. Click on the smiley face in the text entry box.

3. Along with options for stickers, GIFs, and perhaps Facebook Pay (if you have it enabled), there will be a sound icon.

4. Tap on the sound icon to be taken to a listing of all the soundmojis.

Messenger Soundmojis Cool

5. Click on your desired soundmoji, followed by the play icon to get a preview of the sound.

6. Tap “Send” to insert the soundmoji into your chat.

Messenger Soundmojis Morning

7. It will show up with “sound waves” around it in the chat, letting the recipient know to click it to hear the sound.

Messenger explained in the blog post, ‘We love creating fun and innovative features that keep people connected and give them freedom to express themselves.”

However, that’s limited to iOS (and iPadOS), at least for now – nothing was mentioned about a date when the feature would be available for Android.

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