iOS Coding Mastery Bundle [MTE Deals]

iOS Coding Mastery Bundle [MTE Deals]

If iOS is your preferred mobile development platform of choice, you’ll love the iOS Coding Mastery Bundle. It includes seven courses that will help to give you a solid foundation and thorough understanding of iOS 8 and iOS 9 development. You’ll create a WhatsApp clone, learn how to submit apps to the Apple Store, and more.

Here are the seven courses included in the bundle, featuring 104 hours of top-rated iOS development training.

The Bitfountain Immersive iOS 9 Development Course – In this course you’ll learn Swift 2.0, Apple’s new programming language, and build several actual iOS apps.


The Bitfountain Immersive iOS Design Course – Using Bohemian Coding’s Sketch as a primary tool, in this course you’ll design a complete iOS app interface adding in your own style and preferences.

The Bitfountain Core Data Immersive Course – If you plan to release iOS apps through the Apple Store, you’ll probably also want to make money off of your apps. This course will help you to monetize your apps in the Apple marketplace.


Advanced iOS from Bitfountain: Create a WhatsApp Clone – Riding on the success of WhatsApp, this course will teach you to create a clone called WhaleTalk. This is a great way to build your coding skills and learn techniques to use in future projects.

The Bitfountain Auto Layout Immersive Course – An app that works on one platform is great, but one that works on multiple platforms is even better. This course will teach you to use the Auto Layout library which allows apps to work seamlessly across different platforms.


The Bitfountain Guide to Submitting to the Apple Store – This course is all about getting your app into the Apple Store – the right way!

The Bitfountain iOS 8 with Swift Immersive – This course will teach you Swift, the official native language for all iOS and Mac apps. You’ll learn by doing and will build fourteen apps for iOS 8.

iOS Coding Mastery Bundle

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