5 iOS Apps Even the Most Professional Photographers Would Love

iOS Apps Even the Most Professional Photographers Would Love

As a professional photographer, you may scoff at all the photo-taking apps out there. Sure, people seem to be obsessed with selfies and random photos of their dogs, but even people who tout DSLRs and professional grade cameras have embraced the many apps that smartphones (or other mobile devices) have to offer.

Instead of lugging around lots of heavy equipment (including your DSLR itself) on daily outings, using multiple apps on your iPhone may just prove to be more fun than you thought.

In fact, many of these apps are so affordable it doesn’t make sense not to try them out. Here are 5 apps that you can try out:

1. f/8 DoF Calculator

f/8 DoF Calculator iOS app.

This app helps you calculate the depth of field and hyperfocal distance. All values and parameters are displayed on a single screen, so it makes it easy for you to access all the technical information you need.

There are more than 800 camera models to choose from, so you can select which equipment you use often and save them for easy access later on. There are even presets for different film formats. You can customize settings for lenses by defining their focal lengths, minimum focus distance, and their maximum aperture.

2. 645 PRO Mk

645 PRO Mk iOS app.

645 PRO Mk claims to work the way a professional camera works, with instant access to features that an iOS camera has. It includes semi-automatic shutter and ISO priority, full manual controls, exposure compensation, and an on-screen meter to help you get the best exposure possible.

As an added bonus, you can shoot in different film modes and can save images as JPEG or TIFF.

3. Manual

Manual – Custom exposure camera iOS app.

Manual allows you to adjust white balance, focus, shutter speed, ISO and exposure compensation. You are able to see what aperture your iPhone will pair your setting with, which can prove to be useful depending on what settings you are using. When you take your image, you can see all the settings you’ve used afterwards, so no need to worry that you will forget anything.

4. Pocket Light Meter

Pocket Light Meter iOS app.

The last thing you want when lugging around heavy equipment is forgetting your all-too-important light sensor. Not anymore. With Pocket Light Meter you can use it to measure reflected light and do reciprocity calculations.

5. Pro HDR Camera

Pro HDR Camera iOS app.

Unlike other apps where they use one single photo, Pro HDR Camera takes multiple images and gets exposures for both highlights and shadows. It then takes these images and aligns and merges them, which will result in an HDR photo with a maximum of 8 megapixels.

You can choose between auto mode or assisted manual mode. Other features include full-screen image preview, a built-in HDR gallery, and background processing so you can keep on shooting more photos while your HDRs are rendering.


As a professional photographer, you no longer have to wait for apps that are perfectly suited to your needs. Try out some of these apps mentioned above (many have lite versions, so they’re free) and see how your life (and camera bag load) can be improved for the better.

Sarah Li Cain
Sarah Li Cain

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