Awesome iOS Apps to Use When You Run Out of Things to Stream


With series premieres and football season, fall is one of the most popular months for avid streamers. There are few things more relaxing these days than curling up with a blanket and your favorite fall TV series when the weather gets a bit colder. If you’re serious about your addiction to streaming the best shows, music, and movies on the regular, it’s possible that you could use a few more apps to supplement your standard Netflix and Hulu subscriptions. If you find that you’re running out of things to stream as the colder weather drives you inside, you’ll be pleased to know that there are additional apps to help fill the gaps where your current subscriptions might be missing some of the content you’re looking for.

Here are four awesome iOS apps to expand your streaming potential with additional galleries for your favorite shows, music, and TV series.

1. Sling


Sling TV is a streaming service owned by DISH. Reviews say that it is a branch off of the DISH Anywhere app which is a high-rated streaming app used by DISH subscribers. The difference is Sling is available for streamers who do not have an existing DISH account. The Sling app allows you to watch live TV anytime and anywhere with a WiFi connection. The service has three options including Sling Orange, Sling Blue, and Sling Orange + Blue which provide different channels based on your interests. Service fees range from $20-$40 per month and include up to 50 channels. This is a fantastic option for sports streamers as the Sling Orange and Sling Orange + Blue packages give you access to live programming from ESPN.

2. Crackle


Crackle TV was created by Sony as a free streaming service that features popular TV series and movies. You can also download the app to stream from your iOS device. Like Netflix, you get recommendations for additional shows you might like based on the content you’ve streamed, the ability to save your favorite shows, and the ability to pause and resume content across multiple devices. You can also set up alerts to be notified when Crackle has network premieres. The selection seems to be a bit more limited than most streaming sites, but it’s free, so you could really use it to supplement your other streaming apps if you find that a show or movie you’d like to watch is missing from the app you’re currently paying for.

3. HBO Go & HBO Now


HBO Go and HBO Now have several differences, the most important one being that HBO Now is available to customers who do not already have access to HBO through another subscription. The most important similarity is that both the HBO Go and HBO Now apps give you access to HBO’s hit TV shows, movies, and original series. The two apps function similarly to Netflix but also allow you to view new episodes as they are released on the regular HBO channel that is usually only available to TV service subscribers.

HBO Now is available without a television subscription for $14.99/month. HBO Go can be added to your regular service for a cost that varies depending on your current television service provider.

4. Amazon Movies, Music, and TV


Did you know that you can get movies, music and TV for free with your Amazon Prime membership? If you didn’t and you are a current Prime member, you should probably go check out the free movies and TV series you get with your membership. Although some programs will cost a small amount (less than $4), most of the movies and shows available on the Amazon TV and Movie app will be free of cost for Prime members.

In addition to Amazon Movies and TV, you might want to check out Amazon Music as well. The service is $7.99 for Prime members (regularly $9.99 for non-Prime members) which could save you a buck or two each month depending on what you’re currently paying for streaming with another service.

So there you have it, four streaming apps you can use to supplement your current streaming subscriptions with more shows, sports, movies, and music. Have an app you think should have made the list? Let other readers know in the comments!

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Cosette Jarrett
Cosette Jarrett

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