IORAD: Create Step By Step ScreenShot Tour Instructions For Your Non-Techie Friends

If you are a geek and understand the things behind computing, chances are your friends always ask you computer related questions. Some of the questions may be tricky and your email instructions may appear too complicated for the average user.

Example: Suppose your friend has messed up her Windows network settings and can’t connect to the internet. She needs your help, but she is unable to understand the textual instructions, articles and the step by step procedure that needs to be done.

In such situations, either you have to go to her home to solve the problem or you can record a step by step screen video, explaining how to fix the issue. That’s when you need screen recording tools and one of the easiest ones out there is IORAD.

IORAD makes it very easy to create step by step instructions on just about anything. If you have developed an application and want to create a visual demonstration, explaining how to use the product amongst other features, IORAD is a tool worth checking out.

How to Create Step by Step Application Instructions Using IORAD

1. First, head over to the IORAD website and sign up for a free account.

2. Once you are in, hit the “Go to application” button, as shown below:

Start Screen Recording With IORAD

3. Depending upon your browser’s and Windows firewall settings, you may get a prompt as “The application’s digital signature could not be verified”. Choose “Always trust content from this publisher” and hit the “Run” button.

Grant the necessary permissions to IORAD Application

4. This will open the IORAD project application window on a new browser tab. You will see the following interface:

Create New IORAD Project

Enter a name and description of the project which you are going to create. This will be useful, when you want to edit or search for the same recording at a later point of time.

4. Once you hit the “Create” button, the application editor will open, which looks like the following:

IORAD Application editor

5. You are ready for the screen recording session. To start recording, hit the “Capture” button on the left and the application will ask whether you want to record the whole screen or just a part of it.

Choose Recording Settings and Application Window to begin recording

There is another drop down menu which will list all the currently open applications. Select the application which you want to record and hit the “Start Capture” button.

6. As soon as you hit the “Start Capture” button, IORAD will load the same application window in it’s recording frame. Hit the “Record” button and the app will record a complete snapshot of the application window you had defined in the “Window” dropdown above.

Start Application Recording IORAD

When you are done with recording the first screen, hit the “Done” button and a snapshot will be loaded in the IORAD app editor. Now you may add other instructions e.g highlight a section with an arrow, adding custom texts, labels, adding rollover texts and so on. Here is how the interface looks like:

Adding Text Instructions IORAD app editor

7. This is only the first step of your screen recording. To add more steps, simply hit the “Capture” button again and the app will record the application window of your choice and open it in the same editor.

Once you have edited and added custom instructions to the second snapshot, it will be linked with the earlier snapshot. The same procedure continues with any number of slides that is required for your tutorial.

8. When you have finished the entire screen recording procedure, hit the “Deploy” button to save your Project. That’s it, your screen recording is ready to be viewed by anyone.

Embed Recording or Download ad PDF, Word Document

Now you have three options:

  • Share the direct link of the recording with anyone.
  • Embed the recording in your blog or website.
  • Download a PDF, .DOCX or PPT version of the recording on your computer.

Hence, IORAD makes it really easy to create a step by step application usage recording and supports easy sharing. Agree there are screen recording applications like Camtasia Studio, ScreenToaster etc but then again, you will need to upload the video on YouTube and then share the video with your friend.

Another problem with videos is that you can’t add so many effects that easily and the videos can not be edited at a later point of time.

Apart from providing tech support, IORAD can also be used for a variety of other purposes. If you have a blog and want to show the most important sections of the website to your visitors, it would be a nice idea to create a screenshot tour using IORAD and embed the sideshow on your blog’s “about” page.

The company is fairly new and promises to add more features and improvements in the coming days. Give IORAD a try and let us know your ideas in the comments section.

Soumen Halder

Soumen is the founder/author for Ampercent, a tech blog that writes on computer tricks, free online tools & software guides.

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