IOBit Uninstaller: A Portable Handy Tool to Completely Remove Unwanted Programs

There are many ways to uninstall an application in Windows, and the easiest of them all is via the default Add/Remove Program option. However, that is also the most ineffective way since it will leave bits and traces of the software in the folder and the registry. One great alternative is Revo Uninstaller, but it can be slow during launch. Another alternative would be IOBit Uninstaller.

IOBit Uninstaller is a lightweight software that can uninstall your applications completely and not leave any unwanted traces around. It is easy to use and doesn’t require any installation. Best of all, it is free to download and use.

Once you have downloaded the application, all you need to do is to double click the .exe file to run it. There is no installation required.


On the main screen, it lists down all the installed applications in your system. On the left sidebar, you can filter the listing by Toolbar, Recently Installed, Large Programs, Rarely Used and Windows Updates. From here, you can find out which applications are useless and can be uninstalled.

To uninstall an application, simply highlight its entry and click the Uninstall button. There is also a batch uninstall mode where you can select multiple applications and uninstall them all at once.

During uninstallation, IOBit Uninstaller first create a system restore point and proceed with the standard uninstall (via the default Windows uninstaller).


After the uninstallation, it performs a Powerful scan to detect any leftover files and entries in the registry.


You can then select all the unwanted files and delete them.


If an application is not in the uninstallation list, or it is not uninstallable, you can use the Forced Uninstall button to remove the program. When you click the Forced Uninstall button, it brings up a search box for you to find the program that you want to remove. You can either enter the full path to the program, or type the Program name and use the search feature.



I am pretty impressed with IOBit Uninstaller. What is impressive is not only its ability to uninstall applications and clean up your system, it is the ability the pack a whole great deal of powerful features in a tiny portable application. The fact that you don’t have to install it to uninstall any application already makes it a winner.

IOBit Uninstaller


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