The 10 Best Invoice Templates for Google Docs

Best Invoice Templates For Google Docs Featured

Does the idea of creating your own invoices terrify you? All you need are some invoice templates for Google Docs. The templates have everything you need to create professional looking invoices quickly and easily. Just add the relevant details and send them to your clients.

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Tips for Using Invoice Templates for Google Docs

Most templates open directly in Google Docs, but you can’t edit them immediately. Instead, you’ll need to go to “File -> Make a copy.” This lets you save an editable copy to Google Drive.

Best Invoice Templates For Google Docs Copy

Once you have an editable copy, you’re free to change anything about it. Fill in relevant details. Add your company’s logo. Remove or add items as needed.

You should create a master copy that includes everything you’d usually include in an invoice. For instance, it would include your business name, contact details, and any images (such as a logo). It’s also a good idea to create a copy and fill in your client details to make the invoicing process easier.

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1. Freelance Invoice Template from Coupler

If you’re a freelancer, you often just have a list of billable services or items. If all you need is a simple item list along with your contact details and who you’re billing, then the Freelance Invoice Template from Coupler could be perfect.

Best Invoice Templates For Google Freelance

The template is very minimal and features just the word “INVOICE” as the header. The colors are simple: blue, black, and green. Add in your company details, client details, invoice date and due date. Then it’s a simple matter of adding a list of your services/products. You can change the quantity and add in the pricing information.

It’s a quick and easy-to-use template. There’s nothing fancy, and it works for most any freelancer.

2. Gray Minimal Invoice Template from GooDocs

Minimal, yet professional, the Gray Minimal Invoice Template from GooDocs is a great no-frills template for most any business. It’s designed to look business professional.

What’s nice about this one is the total is displayed front and center. There’s also a detailed table for billable items, along with a description and total per item. Not only is there a subtotal section, but there’s also a tax field to let you add in relevant taxes.

Best Invoice Templates For Google Docs Gray

You can print it out and sign it in the designated spot or use a digital signature. Use this guide to add a written signature in Google Docs.

The footer looks nice, too, and contains your contact details. The gray and white theme keeps things simple, yet instantly looks like it came from a professional invoicing program.

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3. Invoice Template from FreshBooks

While FreshBooks lets you generate invoices, you can also just use its invoice templates for Google Docs. The simply-named Invoice Template uses gray and blue to add pops of color and make your item list stand out.

Best Invoice Templates For Google Docs Invoice Fresh

There’s a place for a business logo along with ample space to add company and client details. You can itemize everything and even include discounts and taxes. What’s really nice is the Terms section at the bottom.

This lets you add in any special payment terms. For example, if you only accept payment via PayPal or Stripe or if the payment is due a certain number of days after the issuance.

While it looks simple, it’s actually a very professional-looking invoice template for most any business.

4. Company Invoice from GooDocs

If you’re looking for a more colorful, yet highly professional invoice template for Google Docs, look no further than the Company Invoice from GooDocs. It uses a mix of gray, pink, and dark gray to highlight important information.

Best Invoice Templates For Google Docs Company

There’s space for a small company logo at the very top, followed by the invoice total in a large font. All company and client details are listed below this. What’s really good is the issue and due date are listed between these details and stand out thanks to the grid work.

All items are listed in a light gray table with the headers in pink. You can add in discounts and taxes. As a professional touch, there are also two more sections: Remarks/Payment Instructions and Terms & Conditions. There’s even a section for you to sign.

Overall, this is one of the more professional-looking templates on the list if you’d also like a less minimalistic design.

5. Subcontractor Invoice from Wave

If you’re a contractor or subcontractor, you may want to consider the Subcontractor Invoice from Wave. It’s a fairly simple template, but it’s laid out well to make it easy for clients to see what they owe and a breakdown of services/supplies.

The top features a deeper blue header that’s ideal for a logo and your company details. Just below this in a white section is all your client details and invoice date/due date.

Best Invoice Templates For Google Docs Contractor

You can then fill out the table with your services and supplies along with the tax rate per item. The total is a deep blue box in a bold font to make sure it stands out.

If you have any special payment notes or terms, add these to the bottom of the invoice beside your total. These are in a lighter blue box to make them easier to see.

While made for subcontractors, you can adjust this template to most businesses. Check out these tips for editing Google Docs.

6. Contractor Invoice Template from Smartsheet

Need invoice templates for Google Docs that are more robust than the subcontractor template? Try the Contractor Invoice Template from Smartsheet. Instead of just a list of services/supplies, you can add a labor description and the number of hours.

Best Invoice Templates For Google Docs Complexcontractor

For contractors, it’s a great option to show your clients how many hours they’re being billed, based on individual services. In addition, there’s another section that breaks down your supplies and costs.

It’s a far more detailed invoice template that includes separate tables for company details, client details, labor details, and supply details. There’s also an empty area to add any payment terms, job remarks, or other details.

The mix of light and dark blue ensures every detail stands out. In addition to using this as an invoice, it could also be modified to work for quotes and estimates.

Smartsheet also has a more complex subcontractor template.

7. Hourly Invoice Template from Smartsheet

If you offer an hourly service, such as lawncare or home repair, the Hourly Invoice Template from Smartsheet could be a great choice. This template has a very basic design but lets you break down your services by hour.

Best Invoice Templates For Google Docs Hourly

The item table lets you list the service, description, hour, and rate. You’re able to list a different rate for every service, which is a great feature.

When calculating the total, you have the option to add discounts and taxes. And, if you’re also shipping an item, such as a handcrafted project, you can add in the shipping costs, too.

There’s also a place for remarks/terms. Plus, the footer contains contact details if the client has any questions.

8. Black Elegant Invoice from GooDocs

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated template, the Black Elegant Invoice from GooDocs has you covered. Unlike most templates, this one features a black background and gold text. Not only will your products/services make an impression, but this invoice shows your business is both professional and elegant.

Best Invoice Templates For Google Docs Black

Easily add in your company logo, client details, payment information, and due date along the left side. Of course, you can itemize your products and services, and you can also add a different rate per item.

The only downside is that there isn’t much room for service descriptions, but there is a place for a signature.

While the template can be used for almost any profession, it’s best suited for companies that provide pricier or fancier services, as it matches those industries well.

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9. Consulting Invoice Template from Smartsheet

If you’re a consultant, your services may be billed a little differently. This is where the Consulting Invoice Template from Smartsheet can help. It’s not the most colorful template with everything in gray and white with black text. However, it lets you break your services down into hourly and flat rate fees.

Best Invoice Templates For Google Docs Consulting

All client and business information stays along the left side. There’s even a separate section for payment details, such as preferred payment methods and contact details, in case your client has any questions.

There are two tables, with one just for hourly services and rates. You can list your total hours and the total due. The second table is for flat rate services or extras. Of course, there is also an overall total. There’s even a section to list prior payments along with what’s still due.

10. Simple Work From Home Template from

If you’re working from home, why not use an invoice template made specifically for WFH entrepreneurs? The Simple Work From Home Template from is a colorful blue and light blue invoice. You will need to create a free account to download it. Unless you have a premium account, you also need to include attribution at the bottom of the invoice.

Best Invoice Templates For Google Docs Wfh

However, the template looks professional and offers a large area for your name and details along with a separate section for the client’s details. The issue date, payment method, and due date are front and center.

Easily break down your services, add in a discount, and add in taxes. There’s also a section for signatures for both parties.

In addition to remote work, this is a great template for freelancers and quote/estimate needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I better track my time and projects to create my invoices?

While you can use any spreadsheet tool, you may also want to consider using project management tools. These are ideal for individuals and teams. You could even try Notion, along with these free templates.

Can I use these templates for commercial use?

You’re free to use the templates above whether you’re an individual or a business. The only thing you can’t do is sell the templates. Some free templates do have a section with the provider’s name and a link and may require this to be on the template. You can check with the provider for full attribution details.

Otherwise, you can use these to invoice as much as you want for free.

Can I edit these?

Yes. These are just templates. You’re able to change them as much as you want. Adjust colors, formatting, add/remove sections, and pretty much anything else you want to do.

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