Invisible Browsing With IBVPN

Connecting to the Web via VPN is one of the best way to surf the web anonymously and access to content that are not available (such as Hulu, Pandora) in your country. Hotspot Shield is one of the popular VPN around. It is free and is compatible with Windows and Mac, but it can be slow at times and is filled with advertisements that spoil your browsing experience.

What other choices do you have?

ibVPN offers both free and premium VPN for public use. They give out 30 free VPN accounts every month to their subscribers, and for those who want a faster and less congested connection, can opt to pay a monthly fee for the extra boost.

Unlike Hotspot shield that requires you to install a desktop client, no installation is required to use ibVPN. This makes it compatible with all platforms, even your iDevices and Android phone.

To connect to ibVPN, you will have to configure your network setting for your OS.

Here’s the instructions to configure a Windows 7 machine, Mac machine and iPad/iPhone.

How does ibVPN fare compared to the rest?

Personally, I have not tried all other VPN services, so there is no way for me to compare ibVPN with the rest. Over the few days that I have used ibVPN, it loads pretty quickly. In some instances, some sites are not loaded properly (or can’t be loaded at all), probably because its IP was blocked. When such incidents occurred, switching the VPN server usually help. Other than that, I have no issue in watching videos in Youtube, Hulu or browsing Facebook, Twitter etc.

Here’s a quick comparison of the ping speed between my native connection, ibVPN and HotSpot Shield

Without VPNibVPNHotspot Shield

The test was done with a premium VPN account. You can see that the speed is comparable to the native connection and is much faster than Hotspot Shield.


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