Will You Invest in More Smart Home Products in 2020?

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The smart home industry seems to be exploding. It’s hard to think of anything that is in the home that some company hasn’t made “smart.” From doorbells to vacuum cleaners to TVs to lights, everything is smart or can be made smart.

Whether or not you have already started purchasing items from this industry, do you think you’ll be starting or continuing to purchase more in 2020? Will you invest in more smart home products in 2020?

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Simon currently has a Google Nest Hub and a Chromecast in the living room and a Google Nest Mini in the bedroom. They all perform the tasks he feels safe entrusting to a smart home, so he feels he may not get any more smart gadgets.

Andrew is planning on getting a Raspberry Pi and believes he’ll probably end up doing something in decentralized web/crypto, but admits “I might toy with a few smart home projects along the way!” Other than that, he has no plans.

Sayak has an Amazon Echo but isn’t using it because he doesn’t see what the big deal is with smart speakers and finds it somewhat intrusive, though he doesn’t believe there are any privacy issues to worry about. He, too, will be getting a Raspberry Pi to thinker with some home projects. IoT is still a DIY/research curiosity for him. “Sooner than we think, we’re all going to be pulled inside the new connected lifestyle,” so he figures he should make the best out of the “pre-IoT” lifestyle while it lasts.

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Phil has been thinking about all the abilities that Alexa has that he doesn’t use, such as lighting. He doesn’t like the idea of smart doorbells, but there are other smart home products that interest him. “Turning the heating on and off remotely is something which, as I get older, I crave a bit.” Not having to be physically present in his kitchen to turn it on or off would be nice. He jokes you can guess his age, as smart home products make him think of heating and lighting.

I have to say that doing reviews for Make Tech Easier, I have way more smart home things than I thought I would have a year ago. But I found that I really like them, especially the robot vacuums. But I also have an Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo Show 5, Philips Hue lights, security camera, and assorted other things I’ve reviewed or am reviewing. I really enjoy the convenience, though I have noticed the drive to call things “smart” when they aren’t really. It seems everyone wants to cash in on the trend.

Your Opinion

Have you gotten started with a smart speaker and are looking to add on more smart home gadgets to expand your network? Are you avoiding anything smart altogether? Or do you feel like you have the right balance between smart and dumb products in your home already? Will you invest in more smart home products in 2020? Tell us below in the comments.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

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