Internal Roblox Documents Hacked and Posted Online

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It seems like if you’re a company with a popular online presence that you
should expect to be hacked at some point. The latest to be hacked is the gaming platform Roblox. A cybercriminal connected with the right person in Roblox and posted internal employee documents online in what appears to be an extortion attempt.

Roblox Employee Documents Stolen

The hacked documents appear to be stolen from a Roblox employee. These documents have informĀ­ation that appears to be related to Roblox games and their creators. There is also information about several people, assumably employees, included.

Roblox said in a statement, “These stolen documents were illegally obtained as part of an extortion scheme that we refused to cooperate with. We acted quickly upon learning of the incident, engaged independent experts to complement our information security team, and have tuned our systems to seek to detect and prevent similar attempts.”

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The hacker posted to the Roblox platform a 4GB cache of documents. Images were posted as well as part of this information dump. Found in this glut of info are email addresses, identification documents, and spreadsheets. These appear to relate to the creators of Roblox games.

While the hacked Roblox documents appear to only connect back to employees, it’s worrisome that Roblox games are focused on children. If the hacker was able to reach employee documents, could they also reach information relating to all the children that play Roblox games?

Prior trouble for Roblox

That question has already been answered. Two years ago, another Roblox employee was bribed by a hacker to release access to a customer support panel. This allowed the hacker to view the information of over 100 million users and give out virtual game currency.

Additionally, there’s a known network around Roblox that steals game items from players and sells them to other players. Players could work really hard to obtain these items in the game, only to have them stolen and sold to another player.

Hacked Roblox Documents Child
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“Roblox has been actively investigating a phishing incident, which involved
a Roblox employee being targeted by cyber criminals [through social engineering tactics/using highly personalized scare tactics],” added the company in its statement.

It should all serve as a warning to parents to be wary, or at least aware, of what their children are doing online. Everything has the potential to be hacked. And the more popular it is, it seems hackers will want to target it even more.

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