Interesting Software to Discover This Week

There are plenty of software out there and we add them to our Software Discovery section regularly. In this roundup, we will show you some of more interesting software added to the library last week. Along with the note-taking app Lavenra, you’ll also find software/apps for cleaning your PC, vector-graphics editing, transferring files between your Android and Mac, and screen sharing.


Laverna – Looking for an alternative to Evernote? Look no further than Laverna. This open-source note-taking web app includes a markdown editor and encryption support and stores your notes in your browser database. Some of its feature include:

  • Distraction-free mode
  • Organize to-do lists into notebooks
  • Manage notes without leaving the keyboard
  • Keep snippets of code readily available
  • Export and import at will



HDCleaner – Every PC could use a good cleaning, and this app will help you do this mundane chore. It’s a complete toolkit to help you with system maintenance such as cleaning the hard disk or register, encrypting data, splitting files, removing traces of use, and more.

  • Support for 700 plugins
  • Automatic or one-click maintenance
  • Remove unnecessary files to make room
  • Disable unnecessary services
  • Find duplicate files
  • Disable settings that autonomously contact the Internet
  • List and correct disk errors
  • Defragment, back up, and restore the registry database



Inkscape – At one point Adobe Illustrator was the ultimate in vector-graphics editing, but now there are more choices. Other than Corel Draw and Freehand, now you can also use Inkscape. It’s open source and can help you go from the concept stage to a professional-grade design format, ready for publication.

  • Pencil, pen, and calligraphy tools for drawing
  • Rectangle, ellipse, star/polygon, and spiral tools for adding shapes
  • Text tool
  • Embedded bitmaps
  • Tool to create patterns and arrangements of clones

Android File Transfer


Android File Transfer – If you’re one of those people who have both a Mac and an Android, it can be difficult to transfer files from one to another. This utility will help you with that, allowing you to mount your Android device’s storage on your Mac.

  • Easy to use
  • No other apps or drivers necessary
  • Works well with the style of Macs



TeamViewer – If you’re working on a project along with one of your peers or even a whole team, it can be very beneficial to share your screen. You can do that with this software while you conduct meetings, chat with others, and even make video calls.

  • Multi-platform that even includes BlackBerry
  • No configuration necessary
  • Runs on newer and older systems
  • Session encryption, random passwords, and two-factor authentication

Make Tech Easier’s Software Discovery section is your go-to place to find out new and interesting software. Check it out and let us know if we have missed your favorite software.

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