How To Integrate Google Calendar Into Gnome Shell

The most distinct feature in Gnome Shell is the Time/Date applet at the top center of the screen. When clicked, it will popup a window and show you the calendar and all your events. However, if you mostly use Google Calendar to manage your events and tasks, you won’t have much use for this time/date applet. What you can do is to integrate your Google Calendar into Gnome Shell so all your events/appointments/tasks show up in the time/date applet.

Here’s how you do so:

We will be using the gnome-shell-google-calendar script to fetch events from your Google Calendar.

1. Go to Gnome Shell Google Calendar github page and download the tar file.


2. Extract the file to your home folder. Rename the folder to gnome-shell-google-calendar.

3. Install the dependencies. Open a terminal and type:

4. Lastly, run the gnome-shell-google-calendar script.

It will prompt you to enter your Gmail address and password:


Once authenticated, it will import in your events/appointments/tasks from Google Calendar and display in the Gnome Shell time/date applet.



1. The script does not save your Google Calendar events locally. It merely grab the events and display it on your system. You will have to run the script everytime (you log in to your computer) to view the events. To set it to run everytime, go to Startup Application and add a new entry:


2. The script only allows you to view your Google Calendar events. It does not allows you to sync locally created events back to Google Calendar.