How To Integrate Evernote Into Your WordPress Site

Organizational types really like Evernote. With all of the add-ons and the option to store information to your notebooks from just about everywhere, it might not be a bad idea to consider integrating Evernote into your WordPress site. Here we’re gonna talk about two different types of Evernote plugins for WordPress. One of the plugins let you easily share information as a blog post, and the other is essentially a bookmarking tool or clipping feature for your readers.

Evernote Site Memory Button

WP Evernote Site Memory is a really easy way to add a button for your readers to clip the page contents to their Evernote account. WP Evernote Site Memory currently has 15 different button choices. The buttons range in size and some have languages other than English too. An additional benefit to site WordPress site owners is in the plugin customizing. You can choose how the title of their clipped note will read and also add in a signature or general notes in the header and footer of the clipped page. These can remind the reader of what your site has to offer, thank them for clipping the post or even offer up a coupon code for a product you may sell.


Because of the customizing options, this could be a very useful add-on for anyone running a site geared toward business or organization.

WP Evernote Site Memory


Everpress is more for the person running the site. When you run a site, you may want to make a post about cool articles you’ve seen over the last week or month. Everpress lets you save URLs into a shared folder in your Evernote account. When you save a URL to this folder, the next time Everpress looks at the RSS feed for this folder, it will create a new article with the added URLs automatically.


Everpress has some cool customizing features in the settings. You can select the time of day, author, tags, category and how often you’d like to post a new article. If you have more than one folder to share from, Everpress can share from multiple folders. In testing, it looks like the plugin will publish the newest link in the RSS feed, not the whole list.


Other WordPress plug-ins have the choice of adding Evernote as an option for sharing. With the popularity of Evernote, I am really surprised more people don’t offer an option to clip to Evernote. Sure there are add-ons for browsers to clip, when they use an option not installed on your site, can you track it? Nope. Make it as easy as you can for people to save and reuse the information you are putting out there. If saving and retrieving your information is easy for them, they will use the information a lot. Isn’t why you are putting out those free articles everyday on your site, to help people?

How do you make it easy for people to save your information?

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

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