InstantFox Makes Searches From The Address Bar A Breeze [Firefox]

Ever since Google launches instant search, there have been plenty of addons and extensions that attempt to emulate the behavior either in the search bar or address bar. Some of these extensions not only successfully created the “instant” effects, some have even added more features to make it better. InstantFox is one such extension.

InstanFox is a Firefox extension that allows you to perform instant search for several sites directly from the address bar.

The usage is simple. After installing the extension, all you have to do is to type the keyword for the respective sites follow by a space and your search term (for example, “g bookkeeping“). It will then perform an instant search as you type.


The default websites and keywords supported by InstantFox include:
g » for Google Search
i » for Google Images
m » for Google Maps
y » for Youtube
t » for Twitter
w » for Wikipedia
a » for Amazon
e » for eBay
b » for Bing
yh » for Yahoo
wa » for Wolframalpha
f » for Weather Forecast
c » for Calulator



As good as it gets, there is no room for configuration. If you are thinking of adding your own search engines and keyword, you are out of luck here. In addition, the search is default to Google (international). If you want to perform a localized search, you will be better off loading the Google site in your country domain.

Another problem is that other than Google search, you can experience lag when searching other sites. For example, when you search “e iphone” (search “iphone” in eBay), it will take a whopping 5 seconds to load up the page. While it is still faster than loading the eBay site and type in the search term, it is still nowhere near “instant”.

According to the developer, the future release will see more features like dynamic autosuggest, ability to add custom sites/keyword and to speed up the instant process. We will see how it goes.

Thanks to Janis Leon for informing us about this addon.

InstantFox Addon.


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