Use Instametrogram to View, Comment And Get Geo-tagged Instagram Photos in Windows 8

using-instametrogram-in-windows-8Instagram is one of the most popular ways to quickly take, edit and share photos on the go. While you can view pictures from this mobile-only app online, you can only take full advantage of the service on a mobile device. Instametrogram is an app that will allow the use of Instagram in Windows 8. You can log in, view, comment and get geo-tagged photos from those you follow. While you cannot upload or edit photos in Instametrogram, you can definitely use it to get a better view of what people share on Instagram.

Viewing your Instagram feeds, photos and likes

Instametrogram offers a variety of ways to view your Instagram feeds.

For starters, you can browse through what is popular at the moment on Instagram.

This gives you access to who is popular as well as what photos are trending on the service.

When you view individual photos, you can browse them side-by-side to see the comments and likes.


This gives you a much more visually appealing way to look at photos and what people are saying about them. You can also interact much quicker this way than scrolling down on your mobile phone.

This interface allows you to view your own feed, what photos you like on Instagram and what your followers are uploading.


View geo-tagged photos

One of the niftiest features of Instametrogram is the ability to view geo-tagged images from Instagram in Windows 8, despite it being a feature that isn’t offered with many other services and apps.


Yet, while Instametrogram adds the feature, it does not do much else with it. You can see where a picture was taken on a rudimentary map, but the interaction with the map falls through the cracks. You can zoom in and out and see surrounding areas, but you cannot get directions to the location where a picture was taken.

Saving photos to your computer

The biggest perk of using Instametrogram is being able to save photos to your computer.


When you use full screen mode to open a photo from Instagram in Windows 8, you can save it to your computer in just a few clicks. This works with your own photos as well as others that you find intriguing. Instagram itself does not offer this feature, nor do most apps that that also allows access to Instagram photos.

The downsides to using Instametrogram

There are a few downsides to using Instametrogram in Windows 8.

The first and most detrimental reason for using Instametrogram is that you cannot upload photos to the service from the Windows 8 app. You can only do this through your account on your mobile phone. It’s not a fault of the app, though, as Instagram does not allow any other app to upload photos because this defeats the whole purpose of what the service is all about.

Instametrogram can be slow at times, depending on the load of the Instagram servers. While this problem does not affect all users, it can be rather annoying to try and get a better look at pictures in Instametrogram and not actually being able to.

Download and installation

1. If you are interested in giving Instametrogram a try, open the Windows Store in Windows 8.

2. Search for “Instametrogram” and then install the app on your system.


3. Once installed, log in to your Instagram account.

Instametrogram is easy to use and quick to pick up for any user looking to get more from Instagram in Windows 8.


Instametrogram gives you the ability to go through photos on Instagram in ways the mobile app does not. Being able to save pictures through Instametrogram is also a big plus for users. What apps do you use besides Instagram to get more from the photo service?

Melissa Popp
Melissa Popp

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