How to Install an XAPK File on Android

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If you’re an Android user, you’re probably familiar with the term APK, but did you know there’s also such a thing as XAPK? This guide explains what XAPK files are and how you can install them on your device.

What Is an XAPK File?

Android users generally turn to the Google Play Store when they need to install new apps. However, not all apps can be found at this location. For instance, you can’t find apps that were released only in certain regions across the globe. That’s where APKs (and XAPKs) come in: they allow you to install virtually any app you want on your device.

APK stands for Android Package. It is the file format that Android uses to distribute and install apps, so an APK comes with all the elements that an app needs to install correctly on your device, with no extra stuff involved.  

Install Xapk File What Is It
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XAPKs files can also be described as package containers for Android apps. However, they can’t be sideloaded onto your phone as APKs can. Furthermore, XAPKs often contain more data than APKs. The easiest way to grasp the concept is to look at an XAPK as a compressed file that includes a regular APK and a folder containing additional app data (in OBB format).

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The Need for XAPK Files

One thing to note about the apps you find in the Google Play Store is that they won’t be over 100GB, as Google won’t allow it. However, APK and XAPK aren’t affected by this restriction, which is why some app developers prefer them.

While smaller apps can be packaged inside an APK without a problem, larger ones such as graphic-intensive games, require a bigger container to include all of the data. Enter XAPK files – they also include OBB files with additional data. (OBB stands for Opaque Binary Blob.) In addition, there’s such a thing as Split APKs, which clump even more files under the hood.

How to Install an XAPK File on Android

Before you install an XAPK file on your phone, you’ll need to download it. Since you can’t get them from Google Play Store, you’ll need to be extra careful when selecting the source of your download. We recommend APKPure, which offers a dedicated app through which you can directly install these files. Of course, you can also use a File Manager app to perform the installation.

Note: installing XAPK files from untrusted sources may harm your device by opening doors for hacking attempts.

Using APKPure

  1. Download APKPure on your phone and install it.
Install Xapk Download Apkpure
  1. Open the app and use the search bar to look for the app in question. We are searching for Asphalt 9.
Install Xapk Search
  1. Go to the game page. You’ll notice at the top that this is an XAPK file; it’s been tagged as such.
  2. Press the Install button at the bottom. As expected, this is a large file.
Install Xapk Install Button
  1. Wait until APKPure downloads, then install the XAPK. It may take a few seconds.
Install Xapk Extract App

Note: give the permission to “Install unknown apps” if prompted.

  1. Once the process is complete, press the “Open” button to launch the app or game.
Install Xapk Open App

Alternatively, if you don’t want to download and install your apps via the APKPure app, you can download a dedicated XAPK installer instead. Some good options include XAPK Installer and Uptodown, which ironically are available via the Google Play Store.

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Via File Manager App

If you don’t want to install another app on your device just to install XAPK files, you don’t have to. An alternative is to force your Android device to treat the XAPK file as an APK file using the steps below.

  1. Open File Manager on your phone (the default app or a third-party file manager). We’re using File Manager for this tutorial.
  1. Go to the Downloads folder to find your XAPK file.
Install Xapk File Manager Downloads
  1. Long-press the file in question.
Install Xapk File Manager Edit Name
  1. Select “Rename” from the bottom.
  2. Delete the XAPK extension at the end of the file and replace it with ZIP.
Install Xapk File Manager Switch Zip
  1. Long-press on the file and tap on the three dots in the lower-right corner. Select “Extract” from the context menu.
Install Xapk File Manager Extract Archive
  1. Select where to extract the folder. We recommend that you make a new folder beforehand.
  2. Head to the folder in question and tap to open it. It should include the APK file and the Android folder (where the OBB file hides).
Install Xapk File Manager Extracted Files
  1. Copy the “com.pubg.krmobile” folder that contains the OBB file.
Install Xapk File Manager Extracted Obb
  1. Go to your Android’s internal storage located the OBB folder. It should be under “Storage/Android/OBB.”
Install Xapk File Manager Android Obb
  1. Copy the folder into Android’s OBB folder.
  2. Go back to the APK file and install it as you normally would.

How to Uninstall an XAPK File

If you want to remove the installed app from your Android device or if it has started to malfunction, uninstall the app as you would a normal app. To be on the safe side of things, also make sure you delete the OBB folder via your File Manager.

Tip: if the Android app you have installed via an XAPK file is malfunctioning, you may want to try a few troubleshooting steps before opting for uninstallation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main advantage of an XAPK file?

Since XAPKs are compressed files, it takes less time to download and install these applications on your mobile device. You can also save precious data by storing these files using Google Drive (or a similar service) and using them once you want to install the app or game on a separate device.

How can I enable the “Install Unknown Apps” setting?

If you’ve downloaded a third-party XAPK downloader, you may want to grant it the “Install Unknown Apps” permission via “Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Special App Access -> Install Unknown Apps.” Toggle on “Allow from this source.”

What are Split APKs?

Split APKs are files that contain multiple APK files in a single package. In the case of super large files, developers may split the sources of the app into two APK files: one contains the app code while the other bundles additional libraries. The idea is that Android is able to treat these split APK parts as a single app.

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