How to Install Linux Deepin Desktop on Ubuntu

Linux Deepin is a beautiful Linux Distro based on Ubuntu. While we have reviewed Linux Deepin 11.12 and has full of praise for it, the latest version 12.12 is even better, more elegant and is running more smoothly. If you have no intention to format your PC and install Linux Deepin from scratch, here is how you can install the Linux Deepin Desktop on Ubuntu and access it from the login screen.

In your Ubuntu, open a terminal.

The first thing we are going to do is to add the repository for Linux Deepin packages.

Add the lines at the end of the file:

Press “Ctrl + o” follow by “Ctrl + x” to save and exit the sources list.

Next, we are going to fetch and import the public key for Linux Deepin packages.

Update the system.

Lastly, install the Linux Deepin desktop environment:

This will install a big bunch of files to your system and could take a long time, depending on your Internet connection.

Additionally, you can add the Deepin Music Player, Software Center and Settings panel to the mix:

Once the installation finished, restart your computer (or log out of your existing session). You should find the new Deepin Desktop Environment available for selection in the login screen.


Here are some screenshots:

Linux Deepin Desktop:


Linux Deepin Software Center:


Linux Deepin Music Player:


Linux Deepin System Settings


Note that this will not give you a complete Linux Deepin experience. Some of the applications (such as Nautilus) will retain their original look and feel. Nevertheless, this is still one of the best way to use Linux Deepin without reformatting your computer.