Need A Password Manager? Install KeePass2 In Ubuntu Natty

In the past, the best way to get KeePass running on Linux is to install KeePassX, which is a port over version of KeePass 1.x. To get KeePass 2.x to run in Linux, you will need to install a whole bunch of mono libraries and manually install the source file. Worst still, it might not work in the end. Luckily, that kind of days is over. Julian Taylor has released a PPA that allows you to install KeePass 2 easily (only work in Ubuntu or other debian based distro).

Note: The PPA will install a whole bunch of mono libraries in your system. If you are not comfortable with it, this is not for you.

Install KeePass 2 in Ubuntu

Open a terminal and type:

That’s all you need to get KeePass 2 working in Ubuntu.


Importing KeePassX database to KeePass 2

If you have been using KeePassX, your password database will be in .kdb form which is incompatible with KeePass2 .kdbx. Furthermore, when you try to import in your .kdb database to KeePass 2, it will show an error stating that the importing is only supported in Windows.


A way to get around this is to first export your .kdb database to KeePassX XML file.


Next, in your KeePass2, go to FIle -> Import. Select KeePassX XML as the format and choose the XML file that you have earlier exported.



Damien Damien

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  1.  Good tip! If I ever find myself unable to use Windows (I hope never!) and have to settle for Ubuntu/LinuxMint, I’ll be downloading jtaylor’s KeePass2 build.

  2. I suggest to use FPM (Figaro Password Manager) that is already in the Ubuntu repository, and that is a pure GTK application (no Mono).

    1.  Thanks for your suggestion. FPM is not cross platform compatible. I have to use various OS in the course of my work, so FPM won’t work out. 

  3.  Can someone explain me the use of these password managers?I don’t really figure out why we need them..

    1.  Password manager is a software that stores all your password safely in a encrypted database. Instead of remembering all the passwords, you just have to remember the master password of your database and you have access to all your passwords.

  4. Why not keep using keepassX for the time being? It works great in all kind of OS’s. Even on my old windows mobile 5 PDA.

    1. KeePassX is good. I just need to upgrade to Keepass2 because I am using Keepass2 in another Windows machine and the two databases are not compatible.

  5. Alarm!     import “…only supported in Windows” do not sound like crossplatform-friendly.
    After reading this i decided to stay with KeePassX. Than i can continue working with the same database on both MS-Win or Linux with no trouble.

    Thanks Damien for saving me a lot of touble.       //Z

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