How to Install KDE In Ubuntu Natty [Quick Tips]

Ubuntu Natty has been out for almost two weeks. If you do not like the Unity interface, nor the classic Gnome, you could install KDE and give it a spin. We have covered KDE 4 several times and it is elegant and by far the best KDE distribution.

Here’s how you can install KDE in Ubuntu Natty.

1. Open your Synaptic Package Manager.

2. Search for the KDE package. There are three options for you:

  • kde-plasma-desktop: the KDE plasma desktop and a minimal set of applications
  • kde-standard: the KDE plasma desktop and a minimal set of applications
  • kde-full: the full suite of KDE (not recommended. If you want the full suite, you might as well install Kubuntu)

Pick the one most suitable for you and select “Mark for installation”. A window will pop up showing all its dependencies. Click Mark. Once it is done, click Apply.



During the installation, a window will pop to ask which is your default display manager. If you want to use KDE permanently (or set your Ubuntu to boot into KDE automatically), select “kdm”. If not, keep it as “gdm”.


Once the installation has finished, log out of your current desktop session and re-login with the KDE desktop.


That’s it.

Note: The current version of KDE as of this post is still 4.6.2. KDE 4.6.3 will be added to the Ubuntu repository over the weekend. As long as you upgrade your system regularly, you should be getting KDE 4.6.3 in no time.

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  1. Really love the KDE apps more, so I just moved to Kubuntu :) Krusader is top class file manager I ever used in all OS.

  2. I upgraded to ubuntu 11.04, didn’t take to unity and found even the classic gnome buggy, tried Kubuntu as suggested and found that much better, ended doing a fresh clean install later. wonderful!!

  3. hmm, dont like the unity desktop either. too many hidden apps. am trying kde in ubuntu

  4. there was one really good effect of the Ubuntu guys adding Unity, and screwing up Gnome so it was buggy.  More people using KDE.  I am a new convert: compiz just works great.

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