How to Install and use Google Voice on your Android phone

Google Voice, as reviewed here, is a service that gives you an all new way to interact with your phone, as well as the things you use it for most. Google Voice has many feature, but the few that are probably most important to most people are the unified voicemail, the ability to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and the voicemail transcriptions. Again, for the full review of the service, definitely check out Trevor’s article above. Now though, let’s go more in depth as to Google Voice’s integration into Google’s Android OS, including how to set it up on your phone, as well as how to make the most out of it.

What To Do First

The first step is to get a Google Voice account. Since the writing of Trevor’s article, Google Voice has been made completely open to the public (US only). So an invite is no longer necessary! Head over to and sign up! Once you’ve signed up, choose a phone number, then add your mobile to your account as a forwarding phone. Google Voice will call you to confirm that the number is yours, and you’ll be signed in. Click settings in the upper right corner, then click Voice Settings. Here, you can set up your voicemail greeting, and other cool settings. Your screen should look something like this, except your numbers won’t be blacked out!


Download the app

Now that you have your account ready to go, head on to the Android Market on your phone and search for Google Voice. Once you download and install it, you may want to add it to your Home screen for easy access, like I have below:


Setting up your Voice account!

Now tap the icon, and let’s set up your Google Voice account with your phone. Initially it will prompt you to find out if you want to use the Google account your phone has been set up with. For the majority of users, this will be the case, so its what we’ll go over. If you are a person who wants to use a different account, most of this tutorial will still apply anyway. Now go ahead and select your account, then continue on by clicking “Sign In”.

Next you’ll need to verify your phone number with Google Voice, so click Next, and the app will quickly verify that the phone number you have the app on is the same as the one you entered as your forwarding number earlier on your computer.

Lastly, you’ll need to choose what calls you want to make from your Google Voice number, as opposed to your normal cell phone number. I choose not to use Google Voice to make any calls, as I use it primarily for its outstanding voicemail services. If, however, you plan on using it to replace your phone number, or mane international calls only, you can select those options. You can also have the phone ask you which number you would like to use each time you make a call.


Setting up Voicemail

You’ll then need to decide if you want callers to hear your carrier voicemail or Google voicemail. I use Google’s as it offers a ton of options my carrier’s does not. The two main ones for me are that Google Voice transcribes my voicemails so I can read them, anywhere, any time. The second is that it allows me to have a more personal greeting, with no random woman telling my callers how to leave a message (as if they don’t already know, people have been leaving each other voicemails for years!)


You’ve now got Google Voice set up on your phone! Whether you’re using it to make all your calls under your new number, or like me, just for voicemail and other services, let us know how it goes!  Also, be sure to let us know what extra features you use, like custom voicemail greetings for groups! Google Voice has tons of features to check out, and Google adds new ones all the time, so let us know what you discover!

Colin Scattergood

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  1. Nice article. I love the transcription capability of google voice, and that fact that I have the transcribed messages emailed to my gmail account – means I can check voicemail anytime, including those boring-ass meetings. I have had some problems with the multiple-message feature, however – it seems like it randomly uses custom messages as the main message. Still the best voicemail app out there, though.

  2. Thanks!

    I've heard of some people having issues with the custom voicemail greetings…Check this out if you're having trouble…. I personally turn off the messages that get sent to Gmail, only because I only need so many notifications when I get a voicemail, but its nice to have the option for sure.

  3. When I installed Google Voice and went to set up voicemail, it took me to the voicemail settings page where I selected Google Voice as my voicemail provider. It then prompted me for a voicemail number, but I didn't know what to put so I left it blank. When I dial my voicemail, it takes me to my carrier's voicemail, but when people call me it goes to my google voice voicemail. Any suggestions?

      1.  i tried doing that but it doesn’t let me do it, it was working fine until i got an update for google voice today, i have a samsung vibrant 2.2 froyo system. any ideas or suggestions?

  4. I think I set it up correctly, but there is no option for making phone calls using google voice.  What did I do wrong?  Also, there was no option to use Google Voice for all phone calls, so I selected the option to use for International Calls only, but this doesn’t work either.

  5. I can make phone calls on my pc using Google Voice, but no option is available for text messages.  What am I missing?  I checked Google’s video on sending text messages, but it says to click on “text message” and that option does not exist.

    1. Are you located at US? Google voice, particularly text message only available for USA and few supported countries.

  6. There is also and app called gVoice on the android market that uses your Google Voice account with your wireless or cell phone data connection thus using 0 cell phone minutes.

  7. I’ve set up google voice on my computer successfully, however, after downloading the app to my android phone, the app says that it has a hard time verifying my number? Please help!

  8. I recognize this is an old article, but I’m trying to use Google Voice on my phone which doesn’t have a phone number attached to it. I already have a GV account, but I cannot verify my number and cannot continue with the installation. Any suggestions?

  9. I have android phone but Google voice can’t verifying my phone number. 

                                                                                                                        Gary S.

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