Install Google Fonts in Ubuntu with TypeCatcher

If you are looking for free custom fonts to use in your creative projects or website, Google Fonts come with a huge library of fonts that you can use for free. Google Fonts also allows you to download the fonts to your desktop so you can use it offline. To download the fonts, you just have add the fonts you want to your collection and then click the Download button to download the font. In Ubuntu, there is now an easier way to install Google Fonts to your desktop.

TypeCatcher is a simple desktop software that allows you to download Google Fonts to your desktop. What is good about TypeCatcher is that it automatically install the font to your system so you can use it in your application immediately. There is no need for you to manually install the font, which is required if you choose to download the fonts manually from Google Fonts site.


To install TypeCatcher, simply add the PPA, update the system and install it:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:andrewsomething/typecatcher 
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install typecatcher

TypeCatcher Usage

TypeCatcher is very easy to use. The main screen is split into two panels. The left panel lists all the fonts in the Google Fonts library while the right panel shows the preview of the font. Select any font on the left and the preview will show up on the right.


Click the “down” arrow at the right side of the icon bar and you will be able to choose the text that show up in the Preview. You can, of course, select the “Custom text” option and type in your own text to see how it renders with the font. You can change the size of the font as well. There is no option to view the various style (italic, bold etc) of the font though.


When you found the font you want, click the “Download” icon at the top and TypeCatcher will download the font and automatically install it for you. In case you are wondering where the downloaded font is saved to, it is located at ~/.fonts/typecatcher folder.


If you want, you can also click the “Trash” icon to uninstall the font from your system.


TypeCatcher provides an easy way for you to download free fonts from the Google Fonts library. It will be great if it can install multiple fonts at the same time and also sync the changes when there is an update in the font. For those who needs to work with custom fonts for their projects, this will be a useful for you. One advice though, do not install all the fonts to your system as it will slow down your system.


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