How to Install BitTorrent Sync on a Linux Server

Previously, we have introduced you to BitTorrent Sync that allows you to sync your files from computer to computer using Bittorrent technology. If you have your own web server, you can use btsync as a backup tool to back up files from your computer to the web server. Here is how you can setup BitTorrent Sync on your server.

Note: This tutorial assumes that you have a Linux server and you have administrative rights to the server. If you are using a Windows server, this tutorial is not applicable.

1. Login to your remote server via SSH. At the Home directory (or any folder that is not accessible by the public), create a “btsync” folder.

Next, fetch the BitTorrent Sync installer from the web.

I am using the 64-bit version of the installer. You can choose the version most appropriate for your server.

Extract the tar file:

If you run a “ls” command, you should see the “btsync” and the “LICENSE.TXT” file.


Execute the btsync file.

This will run BitTorrent Sync in the background.


Now, go to your browser and type in the address: “http://your-ip-address:8888

On an Apache server with multiple domains, you might need to add the following entry to the domain-specific vhost file:

Restart the Apache server and you will be able to access via the URL: “http://your-domain-name/gui/


Protecting the BTSync GUI

By default, the BTSync GUI is publicly available and anyone can access it. What you want to do is to add a password protection so only you can access it.

In remote server, create a “btsync.config” file. Make sure you place it in a location that is not accessible by the public.

Paste the following lines to the blank file:

Replace “YOUR_LOGIN_USERNAME” and “YOUR_LOGIN_PASSWORD” with your username and password.

Save (ctrl + o) and exit the file (ctrl +x).

Next, add the config file to btsync:

Note: you have to stop/kill the currently running process before you can add the config file. Once added, btsync will autostart by itself.

Now, refresh your browser and it will prompt you for the login credential.


With the web GUI, you will be able to add folder and the secret to start syncing the files from your computer to the server. Remember that you have to install the BitTorrent Sync client on your computer as well before you can sync the files.



  1. You are not “Protecting the BTSync GUI”, because user name and password are transferred in plain text. SSL is missing…

    1. Nothing is stopping you from implementing SSL.

      1. Nothing is stopping you from not dispensing poor information.


        1. Do not follow this guide- it does not include SSL- the webui is not safe to use over http (plain text) over the internet.

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