How to Install And Use WhatsApp On Your Windows PC

If you are a iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone user, you might be familiar with the WhatsApp application that allows you to chat and send free SMS with your friends. It is such a useful app, to the extend that it has completely replaced my default SMS app. WhatsApp is tied to your mobile number and that is why it can only be used on a mobile device. What if you want to use it on your Windows desktop? Here’s how to do so.

For this tutorial, we’ll be using a free app call Bluestacks to install the Android version of WhatsApp on your Windows desktop. If you are using a Mac, you can also check out the Bluestacks for Mac, though it is pretty new and doesn’t support as many apps as the Windows version.

1. Download and install Bluestacks for Windows.


2. Install the WhatsApp application in Bluestacks (it usually appears in the sidebar. If not, you can search for it in the search bar).


3. Once installed, click on the WhatsApp application to launch it.


Click the “Agree and Continue” button to proceed.


4. Enter your country and mobile number.


When it prompts you to verify the mobile number, click OK.


5. Sit back and wait as it tries to verify your account. It should fail since your desktop doesn’t come with the capability to receive SMS. Once the verification failed, it will give you a “Call me” option to verify your account. Click “Call Me”. Remember to have your mobile phone by your side to receive the call.


6. Once the verification is completed, you will be able to use WhatsApp to chat and send free SMS with your friends on your desktop.

The bad thing about this is that WhatsApp can only run on one platform at any one time. If you are using WhatsApp on your desktop, it is best to turn off the Internet connection on your mobile so the WhatsApp on your mobile is not operating. Another thing is that the chat log is not synced over the server, so your chat log on your desktop won’t appear in your mobile. This will definitely lead to a break in the conversation thread.

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  1. I’ve installed and verified WhatsApp on BlueStacks but it doesn’t let me send any SMS! It always say invite your frineds!
    What’s the solution?

    1. I think the issue is because WhatsApp doesn’t sync your contact to its
      server, so when you install it on your PC, there is no contact for it to
      send message to. You can get your friend to start messaging you and you can
      reply from there.

  2. Another method is to get your contact to show up in BlueStacks.

    “You can import the contacts file from phone to PC. Windows drives are mapped to /data/windowsdata inside BlueStacks. You can open these drives using any file explorer app and open files in READ-ONLY mode.
    Open File Manager, go to /data/windowsdata . Browse to the desired folder and open the file.
    So, please place your contactlist file on your C drive and then access this drive from inside BlueStacks.”

    From Deepika, BlueStacks employee

  3. The whole message to use whatsapp on desktop is confusing. I installed whatsapp, shows groups. Added a contact but when I search it wont show in whatsapp’s list. So I am still not able to use whatsapp. Can you please explain the above message of using /data/windowsdata.

    I went to my C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks folder but don’t see /data folder.

  4. Absolutely helpful. It really helped me and my family. The only wrong with this IM mobil application is that it doesn’t let you use it in more than one device, it automatically resets the account on the other device when you run whatsapp in a new device and register with sms or call. Also, you won’t receive the last messages. But it’s ok for everyone who doesn’t have whatsapp or celphone. I insist, this tutorial is really helpful, for this and many other apps. Thanks.

    1. Last time I try it on a virtual machine, it works. Unless it has changed its architecture, it should work even with onboard graphics.

  5. I have 2 mobile numbers, so best use the PC version with the 2nd number and same contact list….COOL!

  6. Install a phonebook app too then add contacts to there and the whatsapp will pick up the contacts. I tried address book first but didn’t work then I tried Go Dialler EX which worked fine. 2nd Telephone number is probably best.

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