How to Insert the Copyright Symbol Anywhere Online

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With no copyright key on the keyboard, how do you insert the copyright symbol when you need it? Surprisingly, there are multiple ways to do this easily. Anywhere you are online, the copyright symbol comes with you using these methods.

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Keyboard Shortcut for Copyright Symbol

The easiest method in most cases is to use the keyboard shortcut. While it won’t work in every app and site, it works in most.

  • WindowsAlt + 0169
  • MacOption + G
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Keyboard

This works on most text editor apps both online and offline. While the Mac version is a bit easier to remember, you get used to the Windows shortcut quickly.

If you’re using Microsoft Word, you can also use Ctrl + Alt + C. Please note this only works in Word.

Tip: If you’re looking for a Microsoft Word replacement, try LibreOffice Writer and become a super user with these keyboard shortcuts.

Copy and Paste the Copyright Symbol

If you don’t need to insert the copyright symbol often, copying and pasting it from an online source could be the simplest option. All you need to do is bookmark your favorite source, bring it up when needed, and copy the symbol. These sites also have a variety of symbols, such as the trademark symbol.

How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Copypaste

A few sites to use include:


If you’re inserting the copyright symbol using HTML, there are several methods to use. Sure, you could try just copying and pasting the symbol into your HTML code, but usually that doesn’t turn out so well when the web page loads. The best way to ensure symbols like the copyright and trademark symbols appears correctly is to use one of the following codes:

  • ©
  • ©
  • ©

If you copy and paste these into a text editor like WordPress, it’ll immediately display a copyright symbol into your text, like this:


Character Map or Viewer

If you don’t want to try to find a website to copy the copyright symbol from, just use the Character Map on Windows or the Character Viewer on Mac.

For Windows:

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Either search for “character map” or click “All apps -> Character Map.”
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Character Window
  1. Select the copyright symbol from the Character Map.
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Character Window Select
  1. Click the “Select” button and then the “Copy” button to copy the symbol.
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Character Window Select Copy

There are two things to notice when you’re using the Character Map in Windows.

  1. You can select the font you want to use at the top.
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Character Window Font
  1. The keyboard shortcut is displayed at the bottom of the Character Map window for any symbol you select.
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Character Window Shortcut

Good to know: The character map also allows you to type Special Characters, Emojis, and Accents on Windows.

For Mac users

Access the Character Viewer by:

  1. Opening “Edit > Emoji & Symbols” or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Cmd + Space.
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Character Mac Edit
  1. Select the Character Viewer icon in the top right corner.
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Character Mac Character
  1. Select “Letter-like Symbols” from the left pane.
  2. Select the copyright symbol and the font you want. You can click “Add to Favorites” to quickly access the symbol in the faster.
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Character Mac Choose

Use Unicode

Not all apps and sites will recognize Unicode. However, it’s an alternative method for entering symbols and special characters. While the Character Map in Windows shows you the correct code to use, you can also check the Unicode Character Table for help.

  1. Type “00A9” or “U+00A9” without the quotes. The “A” doesn’t have to be capitalized.
  2. Press Alt + X immediately after to convert the code into the symbol.

Make sure you don’t press the spacebar after typing the code or it won’t convert.

Insert Copyright Symbol on Android

Obviously, you can’t use keyboard shortcuts on Android phones and tablets. Instead, you have two main options.

First, you can just copy and paste the symbol from any website you want. This works the same was as the desktop method above.

Or, find it as part the special characters on your Android keyboard.

  1. Open your keyboard as usual.
  2. Tap the button to switch from letters to symbols. The exact key varies based on your keyboard and device brand. For me, it’s “1#+,” but it may also look like “?123” or something similar.
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Android
  1. Look for the copyright symbol. If you don’t see it, click the arrow to see more symbols. Once you do find the symbol, tap it to use it.
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Android Symbol

Insert Copyright Symbol on iPhone

The process works similarly on iPhones. You can simply use the Mac keyboard shortcut on iPads with a keyboard. If you need a keyboard, try one of these Bluetooth options. Once again, you can always just copy and paste. Or, do the following:

  1. Open your keyboard and type “copyright.” Predictive text should display the copyright symbol as an option to replace the word “copyright.”
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Ios Predictive

If that doesn’t work, try the following:

  1. Open your keyboard and click the emoji icon.
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Ios
  1. Tap the symbols key (it should have music note and &).
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Ios Symbols
  1. Select the copyright symbol. It’s a little easier to see in Light mode versus Dark mode.
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Ios Symbols Select Dark
How To Insert The Copyright Symbol Ios Symbols Select

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter the trademark and registered symbols?

The processes are similar for the trademark and registered symbols. You can use the sites mentioned in the Copy and Paste section, use the Character Map/Character Viewer, access from your phone’s keyboard, or use the following keyboard shortcuts:

For Windows, use Alt + 0153 for Trademark and Alt + 0174 for Registered

For Mac, use Option + 2 for Trademark and Option + R for Registered

For HTML, use ™ or ™ for Trademark and ® or ® for Registered

Why doesn't the Microsoft Word shortcut work in the online version of Word?

While you can use the Microsoft Word keyboard shortcut in the desktop version, it doesn’t work the same in the online version. So, if you’re using Office 365 online, you’ll need to use the other options on this list. You can also open the “Insert” menu and select “Symbol” from the toolbar.

Why aren't the keyboard shortcuts working?

The most common reason the shortcuts don’t work is you may be letting go of the Alt or Option key too soon. You must hold the first key down while you type the rest of the shortcut.

For example, for Windows, you must hold down the Alt key while you type the full number.

How can I get to the copyright symbol faster on mobile devices?

Going through several screens just to get to the copyright symbol isn’t exactly fun. The two easiest methods to speed up the process include:

  • Use the symbol often. Frequently used symbols show up in your frequently used items.
  • Just type “copyright” and wait for the suggested symbol to appear.

Image credit: TheDigitalArtist via Pixabay, All Screenshots by Crystal Crowder and Laura Tucker

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