How to Insert Data From Picture on MS Excel on Android

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The MS Excel app for Android allows you to easily create and edit spreadsheets on your phone. However, it can be difficult to be productive on a small screen, where much of the menu and options are hidden by default. Thankfully, there is an option that lets you insert data from a picture instead of typing it in manually. Check out how you can insert data from a picture on the MS Excel Android app.

How to Insert Data from a Picture on MS Excel Android

1. Open the MS Excel app and the spreadsheet where you want to insert data from a picture on your Android device.

Note: you can use the spreadsheet either in portrait or landscape mode. We would advise using it in landscape mode to make things easier.

2. On the icon toolbar at the bottom, tap on the icon to reveal the built-in options.

Insert Data From Image Excel Android Toolbar

3. Tap on the icon that has a “table with camera icon,” which is the second to the last option before the “bulb” icon.

Insert Data From Image Excel Android Data From Picture

Alternatively, you can also hit the “Edit” icon at the top “Ribbon.” Select “Insert” from the menu and the “Data from Picture” option.

Alternate Data From Picture

4. When you select the “Data from Picture” option, if you are using it for the first time, it will ask for camera permissions. Grant the required permission to open the camera app.

Camera Permissions

Notably, the camera interface will show a “Gallery” icon. We are using this option for this guide.

Insert Data From Image Excel Android Gallery

5. Select the image, and after adjusting the crop area, hit the “Continue” button at the bottom.


6. You will see a progress bar that says: “Extracting.” Once completed, you can copy, edit or paste the data from the picture to your workbook.

Insert Data From Image

It is advised that you review the extracted data once before you copy and paste in it your actual workbook. There is no guarantee that the extracted data is 100% accurate.

Wrapping Up

The “Data from Picture” option has made it easy for you to insert data without having to type it in manually. Meanwhile, you can also check out our other guides on how to make your Excel workbook read-only and how you can use the concatenate function in Excel.

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