Games Deal: Name Your Own Price For The Indie Gamer Bundle

Ever since Humble Bundle created the successful “Pay What You Want” game bundle campaign, many people follow suit and have achieved moderate success. Today there is another game bundle that allow you to pay what you want and receive 6 premium desktop games.


Stacksocial is currently hosting the Indie Gamer Bundle where you can pay what you want and download 6 games – Blades of Time, SpaceChem, Cubemen, iBomber Defense, Aztaka and The Journey Down: Chapter 1. These games are available for Mac and PC and most of them are available in Steam as well.

The good thing about this “Name Your Own Price” bundle is that 10% of the price you pay will be donated to the Charity. You can decide whether to donate to Child’s Play, World Wildlife Fund or Creative Commons. Unlike Humble Bundle, you can’t change the donation amount or ratio. It is fixed at 10% of the price you pay.

I have played SpaceChem on my Android tablet (yes, it is available in Android. I got it during the Humble Bundle sale) and it was fun and addicting.

If you are a desktop gamer and love to support the Indie game developers and the charity, grab the bundle now. The full price of the bundle is $62 and the current average is about $4.92 (at the publication of this article). The sale will be available for the next two weeks. Grab it while it lasts.

Indie Gamer Bundle.

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