How to Increase the Google Reader Font Size In Android Browser

Using the Android browser to surf the web is usually quite painfree. Whenever you encounter a site that is not optimized for mobile, you simply do a pinch action to zoom into the site. However, if you load the Google Reader site on your Android browser, you will definitely be frustrated over the small font and the inability to zoom into the site. No matter how hard you pinch, the small font just won’t become bigger.

If you are looking for ways to increase the font size of Google Reader site (or any other sites that don’t allow scaling) so as to increase the readability, here is a simple hack using bookmarket.

Launch your browser in Android.

Launch your menu and go to the Bookmarks options.


Add a bookmark.


Give your bookmark a name, such as “Enlarge Font”. In the Location field, enter the following javascript:

javascript:(function(){var theBody=document.getElementsByTagName('body');theBody[0].style.fontSize=prompt('Font Size?','');})()


Tap on “OK” to save the bookmark.

Now go to the Google Reader site and access your favorite feed.

To enlarge the font, go to your bookmark and load the bookmarklet that you have just added. You should see a popout window, prompting you to enter the font size. You can now enter the font size you want, and don’t forget to include “px” at the back.


Press OK and that’s it. Your page is magically enlarged.


Other than absolute pixel size, you can also use words like “large”, “larger”, “x-large”, “xx-large” to increase the font size.


The above trick should also work for any site that doesn’t allow scaling. It will also work in iPhone, iPod Touch and other mobile devices that support bookmarklets.

Let us know in the comments if this is useful to you.

Image credit: Johan Larsson


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