Inateck Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review

If you’re in the market for a portable keyboard and want one that’s different from most, Inateck’s wireless Bluetooth keyboard is worth a look. The slim, lightweight keyboard has a modern look to it. The back of the keyboard has a beautiful brushed steel design and is very smooth.


The keyboard is also raised slightly at the top end so that the keyboard doesn’t lay flat when using it. If you’re someone who prefers this ergonomic tilted design, you’ll find it really convenient. Personally, I find that it just feels more natural to type this way rather than having the keyboard lying flat.


What’s in the Box

The Inateck wireless Bluetooth keyboard comes packed with a micro-USB charging cable and concise instruction manual.


Setup and Usage

The keyboard has an on and off swtich on the back (top left side). To get started, you simply switch it on.


A green LED indicator (top right side) will illuminate for ten seconds and go off. This is how you know the keyboard has a charge and is working.


To put the keyboard into Bluetooth pairing mode, you’ll need to press the “FN + C” key com inaction. The LED indicator will then start to blink blue. You will then find the keyboard under Bluetooth devices on your mobile device; it will show as “Inateck BK1003.” It only takes a few seconds for it to connect.


The LED indicator will turn off once connected. It’s also a good idea to press the FN key and either the Q, W, or E key. As you can see in the image above, each one represents an OS (Android, Windows, iOS). This lets the keyboard know which type of device you’re using it with and will allow you to use the keyboard shortcuts associated with that OS.

When the power on the keyboard is low, the LED indicator will start to blink, letting you know that it is time to charge the keyboard. This is very handy and keeps you in-the-know regarding the battery level.

There’s also a useful energy-saving sleep mode that allows the keyboard to go to sleep when inactive for ten minutes. Pressing any key will wake it back up. If you often forget to turn the keyboard off when you’re done using it, this will help to save the battery and keep it from dying so fast.

As with most keyboards, the function keys have many useful shortcuts like home, search, copy, paste, back/forward, play/pause, volume up/down, etc. You do not need to press the FN key to use them, either; the FN key is only needed for functions printed in blue on the keyboard.

Final Thoughts

The Inateck wireless Bluetooth keyboard is a joy to use. It’s a little larger than the average mobile keyboard, but I actually prefer that; it’s not too small where your fingers have to be uncomfortably close to each other. The low keys are also a nice touch and feel great when typing. If you have a stand for your smartphone or tablet, this would work really well for typing emails and browsing the web.

The keyboard has great battery life; its built-in rechargeable lithium battery will last for approximately sI try hours on one charge. If you’re only using it one or two hours each day, it can easily last a month or more.

It would be nice to have a cover or case for the keyboard to help make it more portable. However, it will fit fine in the sleeve of any laptop bag or backpack. Oeverall, the keyboard is extremely functional and doesn’t disappoint.

Inateck Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Charnita Fance
Charnita Fance

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