iMyfone Umate Review

Save Space on iPhone with iMyfone Umate

Getting your iPhone filled up with various files is very easy these days as there are millions of things that knowingly or unknowingly exist on your device. For instance, some apps leave some of their files stored on your device even though you have officially uninstalled the app.

There are also various other things that occupy the precious storage on your iPhone, and it is recommended that you run a quick scan for redundant files every now and then so that there are no useless files on your device. You can use that memory space to store your valuable files.

Well, manually scanning your iPhone for junk files is not easy, and hence, there are some apps that help you with the task.

Enter iMyfone Umate, a tool for both Windows and Mac, that lets you easily clean up your iPhone and helps you save space on your device. Here’s how it works.

Quick Scanning


As soon as you download and launch the app, you will see an option called “Quick Scan” that lets you quickly scan your iPhone for junk files and helps you remove them. Performing this kind of scan does not require much effort, and all you need to do is click a single button.


When the scan is done, the app will show you how much storage can be freed up if you delete the shown files. These files include junk files, photos, and apps. While it deletes the files for both junk files and apps, it does something else to photos. That is called compression which you will see in detail in the following section.

Image Compression for Less Usage of Space

In order to allow you to keep the images and save the memory space at the same time, the app offers you an option called compression. What it does is compress all of your images so they are smallet than the original, thus freeing up memory space on your device. You might wonder if compressing images will have an effect on the quality of the images, but the app claims compressing images will not lose quality. It names it lossless compression.


To run the image compression feature, just launch the app and click on “Compression” in the left panel.

Apps and Their Data Deletion

The apps that you install on your iPhone eventually consume data and thus their size increases. For example, the WhatsApp app on the App Store is just about 52.4MB, but it has now become around 720MB on my iPhone. This extra storage that has been occupied by the app contains my media files and everything else that I have shared using that app on my iPhone.


iMyfone Umate helps you know the exact and current size of the apps on your iPhone and offers you the option to delete them from your device. It also lets you select multiple apps to be deleted at once so you can free up a huge chunk of memory space in one go.


All in all, the app does what it says it does, and it is a perfect fit for you if your iPhone is clogged with various things and you do not have time to manually find and delete them. The app will do that for you.

iMyfone Umate

Mahesh Makvana
Mahesh Makvana

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