5 Ways to Improve Your Wireless Network

5 Ways to Improve Your Wireless Network

Whether you work from home, stream movies or television shows from your computer, or simply browse the Internet after a long day’s work, having a slow wireless connection can be a major stressor. It can be difficult to ascertain what is causing the slow down and even more of a challenge to know exactly how to remedy the issue.

Even if you are not an expert in Internet connections, there are a few simple ways you can improve the strength and speed of your wireless network.

1. Secure Your Network

Connection speeds can also be reduced when your wireless network is not secure. Take the time to set up strong passwords, disable broadcasting of your network to surrounding users and turn off the router’s guest network if one is present. These actions not only boost your wireless speed and strength, they will also keep hackers and other intruders at a distance.

2. Use a Repeater

Internet users who have a large home may find that a single wireless router simply does not provide the signal they need. A wifi repeater allows you to extend the breadth of your current wireless network beyond what your single router is able to do. These devices are often inexpensive and are compatible with most wireless routers. The repeater solution also works well for expanding the reach of a network in an office setting or a larger community property.

3. Limit Bandwidth Use

If you do a lot of streaming of video or television over your network, limiting the amount of bandwidth used by specific apps or services can help keep your signal speed and strength at its best. Quality-of-Service, or QoS, allows you to select which apps you want to have the greatest speed with the lowest amount of lag, limiting other applications during certain hours.

4. Change the Router Location

Wireless routers can be finicky. Even when you’ve plugged it in, and all the right lights seem to be shining bright, the strength and speed of your connection may not be ideal. In order to boost the power of your connection, it is often beneficial to place the router in the center of your home or apartment with a direct line of sight to the devices you use most often. Also, having your router next to a brick or metal wall may interfere with the signal, and having it right next to your devices can also create stagnancy.

5. Upgrade Your Router

If you have implored the aforementioned tips to increase the strength and speed of your wireless connection but have not experienced any degree of improvement, it may be worthwhile to invest in a new, more powerful wireless router. Currently, wireless routers come with a wide range of security features and degrees of compatibility with different devices and network connection speeds, each ranging in cost based on these specifications. If you have used the same wireless router for the past few years or have noticed a sudden change in your connection, a more modern router with upgraded features may provide the respite you are looking for from a slow and weak Internet.

Sarah Li Cain
Sarah Li Cain

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