Improve Your Windows Performance With Mz 7 Optimizier

Previously, when I tried out the TweakNow PowerPack, I though that it is the most comprehensive tweak application around. How wrong was I. It is only when I tried out Mz 7 Optimizier did I  realize that it is more powerful than TweakNow.

In short, Mz 7 Optimizer is a very sophisticated tweaking application for Windows. It is also the most complete system optimization suite around to help you improve the performance of your Windows PC.

On the first run, it will prompt you to backup your registry. It is best that you follow the instruction and backup your registry (you never know when your computer going to break).


The software is divided into 5 main sections and each section contains numerous tweak options.

1. Performance Tweaks

The performance tweak is where you tweak the settings of the hardware to get better performance. Things that you can tweak include the CPU, Hard Disk and Memory




2. Windows Tweaks

The next section is the tweaking of the operating system itself. To improve the responsiveness of the OS, this is where you want to spend the most time tweaking. Things that you can tweak include the core system tweaks, startup and shutdown tweaks.




3. Internet Tweaks

Since you are spending most of the time on the Web, it makes sense to be able to tweak the internet connection. You can do the network tweak and Internet Explorer and Firefox tweaks. No Google Chrome or any other browsers tweak for the time being.



4. Customization Tweaks

The customization tweak is divided between the taskbar, aero effects and the context menu. The taskbar tweaks allow you to change the size of the taskbar icon and also the time for the jumplist to appear. The Aero tweaks give you the option to enable/disable each Aero effects. Lastly, the context menu tweaks allow you to add custom command to your context menu. You might also be interested to know about 4 other tools to edit the context menu.




5. Security Tweaks

This is also one important part that you don’t want to miss. The security tweaks covers area including the networking and the system security. It also provides a shortcut to the UAC control panel.



Automatic Optimization

For those who don’t like to meddle with the various optimization options, you can use the “Automatic Optimization” feature to quickly optimize your system.


This will give you a quick and easy way to optimize your system.


Mz 7 Optimizer is a powerful system optimization tool. Casual users might find some of the options an overkill, but regular and expert users will come to appreciate the usefulness of this application.

Download Mz 7 Optimizer


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