5 Useful Ways to Improve Firefox’s New Tab Page

Most modern browsers have start pages (also known as new tab pages). At this point in the game, when you use a modern browser you’ll see some kind of “speed dial,” an official browser homepage, bookmark start page, or something in between. For the layman, these default options might be sufficient and you most likely wouldn’t want to change things.

However, seeing as how Firefox is one of the most customizable browsers out there, you probably won’t be satisfied with its default speed-dial-like new tab page. Luckily, there are tons of addons available that you can install to make your Firefox’s new tab page more to your liking.

1. Live Start Page LST


Perhaps the most worthy Firefox startpage replacement is Live Start Page. When you use it you’ll get a whole lot out of it. It’s not just a typical search bar and speed dial. You’ve got weather widgets, photo support, weather forecasts, a to-do list (for sticky-note type functionality), and bookmark tiles as well.

If you’re looking for something new, fresh and loaded with features, Live Start Page is a worthy addition to your browser.

2. Speed Dial


Speed dial in start pages for browsers originated in the Opera browser. With it people are able to neatly organize their most frequented websites in a neat little page. Most dial pages also include a search box, which is a good feature if you’re looking to search some pages as soon as you start it up.

Firefox as of a few versions ago has a speed dial already, but what Mozilla has provided is a little lacking, honestly. That’s where this Speed Dial addon comes in. When you install it, you’ll get online syncing of speed dial tiles and a button to quickly access your tiles, as well as bookmark organization, custom background support, dial groups, etc. Those looking for a good speed dial, look no further.

3. Start.me


If you’ve ever wanted to group all of your news feeds, bookmarks, notes, email and social updates in a browser start page, you might want to try out start.me. The best part of start.me is that you’ll be able to use this not only on the desktop, but if you’re a mobile Firefox user, it’s compatible there, too. Suffice it to say, if you’re looking for a neat start screen for your browser, this one does a good job of grouping everything together in a neat way.

4. Raindrop.io


Similar to start.me, Raindrop.io lets you organize your start page in a very elegant and neat way. Unlike start.me, however, you’re not getting as many features. Though, honestly, features aren’t everything. Sometimes you just want to see your bookmarks and just a generally good-looking start page. Raindrop.io does that, and you know it’s elegant because they’re adhering to the Google material design guidelines.

5. Customizable startpage


Ever wanted to load your Firefox start page up with endless amounts of widgets? With customizable startpage, this is possible. Not only do you get access to your bookmarks, you’ll get calendar widgets, a calculator, email, various types of search boxes, currency trackers, and you can even play Sudoku! It’s perfect for those looking to get the ultimate customization when it comes to the Firefox start page! Check it out!


Start pages in browsers get increasingly better as time goes by. That being said, they don’t please everyone. Not everyone is going to love the same thing, so it’s good that you can swap out what you don’t like. With these addons, those who hate the default Firefox page are given options.

Image credit: The Swoop – Firefox OS

Derrik Diener
Derrik Diener

Derrik Diener is a freelance technology blogger.

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