How to Improve Your Android’s WiFi Without Changing A New Phone

android-wifi-introCertain functions on the Android devices need a Wi-Fi connection to operate and having a bad WiFi connection can really spolit the whole user experience. If because of this reason that you decide to change a new phone, my advise is: try out the following apps first before you make your decision. Most, if not all of these apps could improve your WiFi connection and user experience.

1. Lookator

Looktor is a awesome app for finding a Wi-Fi hotspot. I’m sure you have been out and about looking for a Wi-Fi connection and see something like “Belkin-1” as the name. Thats great but where the heck is it? Well, Lookator solves this by turning on your camera and displaying the available networks on the screen. By showing the locations this way, you will know “Belkin-1” is the small bookstore down the street.


Download Lookator

2. FoxFi

For those phones where the carrier has turned off the option to turn your Android phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, FoxFi gives you the option back. Even if your carrier hasn’t removed the option, FoxFi can add more functionality to using your Android as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Being able to see the speed of the connection, a Bluetooth option if your device is not supported and using the FoxFi add-on, you can mask the usage of the attached device with a proxy server address.


Download FoxFi

3. Wi-Fi Fixer

Some Android devices seem to be a bit more sensitive to fluctuations in the Wi-Fi signal. When this happens, the phone can disconnect but won’t always reconnect. To remedy this, Wi-Fi Fixer will reconnect you to your preferred network.


Download Wi-Fi Fixer

4. InstaWiFi

Having a lengthy secure Wi-Fi is both a blessing and a curse. You need a long secure password so you don’t have people leeching off of your network. However, it is a huge pain when you have a guest and they need to type in the lengthy password. InstaWiFi eases the pain by letting you create a QR code to easily share your Wi-Fi connection with other devices. As long as the other device has a bar code scanner, it should work.


Download InstaWiFi

5. WiFi Analyzer

Sometimes several Wi-Fi options are available or you suspect your router may be having problems. Using WiFi Analyzer to find the connection with the least amount of users on it. Another useful analysis option is to see which channel the router is broadcasting. Choosing a signal on a channel farther away from other broadcasting routers may give you better range.


Download WiFi Analyzer

Final Thoughts

Wi-Fi can be a super useful connection, especially when you have a better understanding of controlling your Android Wi-Fi. Having the tools to manipulate pretty much every aspect of how your Android reacts to the connected and potential Wi-Fi connections might cause you to use Wi-Fi more often. More Wi-Fi usage equals less wireless data which may even let you have a smaller wireless data plan and save a couple of bucks on your phone bill.

Tell us your tips for managing Wi-Fi connections from your Android device in the comment section below.

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Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

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