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Do you frequently use browser bookmarks to save important information? If so, you need to regularly back up and export this data if using another desktop or mobile device. Google Chrome allows you to easily export and import the bookmarks so that you will find this data neatly organized and ready to use in another device or browser.

Apart from its own browser, Chrome supports the transfer of bookmarks across other Chromium-based browsers such as Microsoft Edge. The various methods to import and export the bookmarks are covered below.

Traditional Method to Export and Import Bookmarks in Chrome

The most traditional way to handle bookmarks in Chrome is to use the Bookmark Manager. It can be easily accessed from the three-dot menu on top.

Chrome Bookmarks Goto Bookmark Manager

Here you can see a list of all your Chrome bookmarks. Again, go to the three-dot menu on top and select “Export bookmarks.”

Chrome Bookmarks Export Bookmarks

All the Chrome bookmarks will be saved on your PC or laptop as an HTML file. Save the HTML file in an easy-to-remember folder such as “Downloads.”

Chrome Bookmarks Export Save As Html

You can check the attributes of the HTML file from “Properties” for size limits. If the file isn’t too big, you can email it to yourself for restoring the bookmarks on another device. Otherwise, upload the file in a cloud storage service such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox.

Chrome Bookmarks Html Filesize

Once you have reached the Chrome browser window of your destination PC, click the three-dot menu to select “Import bookmarks” this time.

Chrome Bookmarks Import Bookmarks

The HTML file can be directly uploaded, and all your previous bookmarks will show under the Imported bookmarks. This is slightly inelegant, because if you are frequently exporting bookmarks, then the data can seem repetitive on your destination device. Therefore, we will discuss another efficient method of syncing a Google account. But first we will cover the Chrome bookmark management techniques for other Chromium browsers.

Chrome Bookmarks Bookmarks Imported

Importing Chrome Bookmarks in Microsoft Edge

To import Chrome bookmarks in the Microsoft Edge browser, go to Edge’s three-dot menu and select “Settings.”

Chrome Bookmarks Edge Settings

Go to “Import browser data” to import the Chrome bookmarks. “Profile 1” will be for your Microsoft account, so it will not sync with Google.

Chrome Bookmarks Import Browser Data

Here you can select the items that can be imported from Google Chrome, including favorites and bookmarks, browsing history, saved passwords, and more.

Chrome Bookmarks Edge Imports

From the drop-down menu, you can also select an option called “favorites or bookmarks HTML file.” This will be the HTML file that you originally created while saving Chrome bookmarks.

Chrome Bookmarks Edge Import Html File

The Chrome bookmarks’ HTML file can easily be imported and adjusted into Edge browser bookmark items.

Chrome Bookmarks Edge Import Bookmarks

Import Chrome Bookmarks in Other Chromium Browsers

The techniques for other Chromium browsers apart from Edge are slightly different. They may not have a feature to import HTML files. For example, with Slimjet, one of the popular lightweight Chrome alternatives, a feature called “Google Smarts” allows the Chrome bookmarks and other information to be directly imported using a “Turn on Sync” feature. This requires your Google account.

Chrome Bookmarks Slimjet Import

Another popular Chrome fork, SRWare Iron, also has a Google Smarts feature to sync and personalize Google Chrome data including bookmarks.

Chrome Bookmarks Srware Iron Sync

Get Chrome Bookmarks on All Devices with Turn Sync On

To do so, open Chrome and select the “person” icon on the top right. Here you can add a persona to the Chrome profile and create a desktop shortcut for this profile. Give it a name.

Chrome Bookmarks Add Person Profile

In the next step, you will be asked to log in using your Gmail account to get access to your bookmarks, history, passwords, and other Google settings on any device.

Chrome Bookmarks Manage Settings All

When it asks if you’d like to “Turn on Sync,” click “Yes I’m in” to enable the syncing of Chrome data on .all devices.

Chrome Bookmarks Turn On Sync

Once done, your Chrome browser will start syncing the information. The bookmarks will now be automatically imported on any other device. Clearly, syncing is the most efficient, non-repetitive way to export and import bookmarks in Chrome.

Chrome Bookmarks Manage What You Sync

You can further manage what you sync for better privacy of your data. For example, you may choose to not be signed in to Google while visiting websites. If you care more about your privacy on Chrome, check these tips.

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