Imageoid: An Impressive Web App That Offers Numerous Image Effects

Adding selective special effects to certain digital photographs enhances them and gives them a more visually appealing look. These effects modify the colors, lighting, brightness, sharpness, and other aspects of a picture to produce visual results better than the original.

If you want to apply such effects to digital photos stored on your computer, you normally have to download a desktop application. But applications offering a wide range of effects almost always come with a price tag. The cost and the quality of the application then depends on the operating systems you are running. Because of these factors, your safest bet would be a web application that offered a large number of image effects while remaining free to use.

Imageoid is precisely that web application.


Imageoid is a simple and free to use web application that lets you apply an impressively large number of image effects to digital photographs stored on your computer. Since it is a web service, Imageoid works entirely within your web browser and does not require you to download or install anything. Additionally the service does not even require you to register for an online account. General usage of the app involves uploading a picture, applying your desired effects to it, and then downloading it.


Imageoid does not require you to register any accounts. You can start using the site directly from its homepage. You will find a space from where you can select photographs stored on your computer.


Clicking on the Browse button will open up the explorer window from where you can select your image file.


Your selected image will then appear on the homepage and you will need to click on the Upload button.


When your image has been uploaded, it will be displayed along with some effect options.


You will find the image dimensions and size stated at the bottom. Image effects can be found on top of the image. The displayed list of effects is only a part of the entire range of effects. To access the other effects, simply click on the arrow button on the side of the effects list.


The arrow will reveal a number of further photo effects that you can apply to your picture.


Keep clicking on the arrow to see which other effects the site has to offer.


Along with traditional effects you also get options to turn the image’s corners round or view only a circular portion of it.


Clicking on each effect will almost instantly apply it to the picture. You can click on multiple effects and they will all be applied to your image. The original image will be updated and displayed in the same window.

Your resultant image can then be downloaded using the Download link on top or by using your browser’s built-in image saving option.



Imageoid offers an amazing number of image effects that most freeware image editors do not offer. For anybody who takes a lot of photographs and experiments with them using image effects, Imageoid is a must-bookmark web service

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