Image Dictionary Finds The Relevant Images For Unfamiliar Words [Google Chrome]

The Internet is rife with information. You can pretty much find information about almost anything on the Web. However, not all information on the web is comprehensible. For example, the language of the webpage you are viewing may be written in a language that you do not understand. You may also have difficulty understanding certain jargon or terminologies. What if you could view an image or illustration of certain text on a webpage? This is where Image Dictionary steps in. This app allows you to look up an image for any highlighted word on a webpage. This makes it more convenient understand certain words that you are not familiar with.

How Image Dictionary Works:

Google, Bing, yahoo, and other search engines allow you find related images through your typed queries. However, Image Dictionary does moreā€”it saves you time by letting you find related images without leaving the webpage. The process of opening a new tab, accessing a search engine, typing the keyword, and then selecting the appropriate can be quite tedious. In contrast, Image Dictionary allows you to see an illustration of selected text with just a few clicks.

Using Image Dictionary:

Image Dictionary is pretty straightforward. Once the app is installed, you will be able to use it right way. There are two ways to use Image Dictionary.

Method 1:

Highlight and right-click a word on a webpage, and then click “Image Dictionary.” It will then display an image that matches the highlighted text.


Method 2:

Hold the “Alt” key and double-click any word on the page. You will then see a related image. This is the related image that was displayed for the word “Journalist.”


Below each image, there is a link to the Wikipedia article and the image itself. Viewing the article may help you find the meaning of the word by analyzing the context.


Limits of Image Dictionary:

Before using Image Dictionary, you need to be aware of its limits. All the images it displays are only from Wikipedia. Since it only has one source of retrieving images, its database is quite limited. It cannot always find an image that matches the highlighted text. In addition to having a limited database, some words have more than one meaning.

For example the word “course” may mean a class or route. The meaning also depends on the context. “Course” has an entirely different meaning when it is used in a sentence that begins with “of course.” Because of all of the ambiguities and its limited database, Image Dictionary is incapable of always finding related images. It is good at finding images for words such as car, computer, smartphone, iPad, etc. However, it has a harder time displaying related images for abstract words.

Is Image Dictionary Worth Your Time?

Image Dictionary is worth a try if you frequently use Wikipedia. It will definitely help you find related images quickly. Nevertheless, you should be careful of abstract words and ideas. They can generate irrelevant images.

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