How To Identify Duplicate Files And Delete It With Utmost Care In Windows

If you are wondering why your hard disk is always running out of space, it could be that you have stored (unknowingly) plenty of the same files in different names, folders and drives. While we all know that it is important to get rid of these unwanted duplicated files, it can be an arduous task to hunt them down and keep rid of them. Luckily, there is this tiny tool – Double Killer,  to make this task much easier.

Double Killer is software that allows you to identify duplicate files (files of same content) and delete them with extreme care. Why do I highlight the term with extreme care? The reason for this is Double Killer checks CRC-32 values of every file and make sure that the file is an exact duplicate before it proceeds to remove it. For your info,  the CRC-32 value of a file is like the finger print for the file and is regularly used as an  important criteria to identify files of the same content.

To illustrate, let’s say I have a folder named ‘E-books‘ in different partitions drive and  I am going to use Double killer to identify duplicate files.

1. Download the Double killer from this site.


2. Unzip the zipped file and double click the DoubleKiller.exe file to execute it.


3. Go to ‘Options‘ tab and set the search criteria. It is important to exclude the system files and any files with extension.

set the search criteria

4. Add the directories where you want to search for duplicate files. In our case, I have to select two folder named “E-books” from different drives such as D:\ and E:\

add folders


5. Once the required directories are added, click on ‘Run‘ button to start the search for duplicated files

6. Double Killer will then return results for files that have the same CRC check sums and list them based on criteria like size, date modified and CRC value.


7. You can now delete the duplicated files using the Delete options provided in Double Killer. To delete all duplicate entry, click on the ‘Check the last dupes‘ button.


8. Once Delete files in clicked all duplicates files will be deleted and ensure the CRC-32 value for files to safely delete.

Note: On some rare cases, you may see ‘0000000’ in the CRC value (as seen in the screenshot above). In such incident, the application is not able to figure out the CRC value of the files for some reason. You may want to check manually if those files are duplicates and remove them from your hard disk.

That’s it. You should now have a cleaner hard disk with little or no duplicate files in your system.

What other software do you use to clean up your system?

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  1. great tool, just what i needed long time ago. been doing this manually.

  2. It is possible for two files to have the same CRC-32 but to be actually different. Therefore you should provide the option to compare byte by byte. And comparing by date is absolutely useless since there are many tools which can change the file’s date.
    I recommend, Directory Report,

  3. Duplicate Cleaner is another good tool for duplicate files – this uses MD5 hashing, which is better than CRC32 –

  4. Exact Duplicate Finder (Freeware)
    One simple, effectively easy and safe to use, duplicate finder.

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