5 of the Best Icon Packs for Android

Icon themes are Android’s secret weapon when it comes to making your mobile operating system more your own. There are literally hundreds of good icon packs out there on the Play store. If you don’t like any of the ones on this list, chance are you could spend all day finding ones that you do like.

What are some of the best icon packs for Android? Let’s find out! Keep in mind that in order to experience any of these packs you’ll need to have a custom app launcher (Nova, Apex, etc.). Google Now and other stock OEM launchers do not support this level of customization.

1. Silhouette


This icon pack’s name can accurately describe its style. Silhouette essentially makes your Android launcher’s icons shadowed with a blue outline with a floating effect. It’s really neat and certainly not something you’re going to find copied in a lot (or if any) icon themes on the Play store.

2. Clix


If you’re looking for a flat-style icon theme while avoiding the material design stylized icons, Clix might be a good choice. With clear inspiration from Apple, the pack sports over 400 individual icons, and everything is uniformly square. It’s a really neat design for those wanting icon themes that are all the same shape.

Unlike some of these other icon packs, Clix comes with a request icon tool, “cloud wallpaper,” dynamic calendars and promised weekly updates. It seems like the developer really cares about its users.

3. Rondo


Rondo is a material-inspired circle icon pack. It doesn’t totally follow the material design spec; however, you can see the clear inspiration, and they certainly go their own way with it. Overall, this icon pack is perfect for those who love the material look but would also prefer uniformity with their icons.

The pack, like many on this list, includes an icon request tool, boasts a massive 2600+ icon list, and promised updates (one to three per month).

4. Whicons


Whicons is an icon theme in which every single icon is white – a pretty simple concept. Every icon is really well-designed and looks good despite the fact that everything is all one color. As usual, the app includes icons, a request tool, etc. If you’re looking to make your Android launcher unique, try out Whicons.

5. Dash UI


The developer of Dash UI says that this icon theme doesn’t go after gimmicks or fads. Even though this is a bit strange to say, as it seems like square icon themes are popular, it does go its own way. Everything is sqaure, uniform and looks nice. That’s about it. There is no material design spec, no iOS or Windows-phone stylized “flat” looks – just a square set of icons. If that’s what you’re looking for, check this one out.


Icon packs are one of the many reasons that I have come to love Android. When it comes to the three big mobile operating systems, nothing comes even close to the level of customization that you can get with Android. Each one of these apps have their own way of totally transforming its look.

Derrik Diener
Derrik Diener

Derrik Diener is a freelance technology blogger.

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