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Have you ever downloaded an application from the Web and wondered if it contains malware and whether you should open it? With cases of malware, viruses, and ransomware spreading like fire, it is normal to be paranoid about every app you run in Windows. Hysolate creates an isolated container for Windows and allows you to run your applications in a sandbox environment. Even if the application contains malware, it will not affect your base system. Think of it like a virtual machine – but a well integrated one with little technical skills required to start using it. Let’s see how Hysolate works.

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Getting and Installing Hysolate

There are two versions of Hysolate: the free one for public use and the premium one for enterprise. The free version will set up an isolated container on your Windows system, but if you need remote control and/or advanced securities policies, you will need the enterprise version.

Note: we will only cover the free version in this review.

One thing to note is that the software requires a computer with decent specs. You need to have Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise with 8GB RAM, solid-state drive, and Intel Core i5 or later.

To get started, download the free version of Hysolate. (Do note that Hysolate doesn’t provide a download link on its site. You have to fill in the form with your email address for the download link to be sent to you.)

The installer file is about 334MB in size. Run and install it on your Windows 10 machine.

Hysolat Installation

Once installed, it will prompt you to enter your email address followed by the verification code that was sent to your email address.

Hysolate Enter Email

Next, it will prompt whether you want to install the browser extension that will automatically redirect risky or untrusted websites to the isolated environment. Do note that the browser extension only works with Google Chrome. If you don’t have Google Chrome on your computer, even though you check the “Install the extension” button, nothing will be installed.

Hysolate Extension Website Redirect

After the installation, restart the computer.

Using Hysolate

Hysolate is set to auto-run during startup, so once you restart your computer, you should see the prompt in the taskbar. You can also choose to take a tour if you want.

Hysolate Workspace Ready

All you need to know is that from now on, you just have to press Win + Alt + the Left/Right arrow keys to switch to the isolated environment.

Hysolate Isolate Desktop

A few applications like Google Chrome – 7zip and Notepad++ – are pre-installed in the isolated environment, so you can start to browse the Web or download applications to install right away.

There are a few interesting and useful features that Hysolate integrates into your system. You can simply right-click on a file and have it open in the isolated environment. This is useful if you want to install software downloaded from an unknown source. Simply right-click on it, choose “Open in Workspace,” and it will run and install in Hysolate.

Hysolate Open In Workspace

In addition, there is a shared clipboard between the host and the isolated environment. Simply press Ctrl + C to copy in one place, and you can use Ctrl + V to paste it to another environment. This works two ways between the host and the virtualized container.

There has been many exploit cases involving USB drives, and now many people are worried about inserting USB drives into their computer. Hysolate comes with an option to redirect your USB drive when you plug it in. You can then view the USB drive content in the Hysolate workspace and copy the files over to the Host system after you have verified that they are safe.

Hysolate Redirect Usb Device

Website Redirect

If you have installed the Google Chrome extension for Hysolate, it can watch your browsing URL and auto redirect you to the isolated environment when you are on a high-risk site. However, it doesn’t protect you if you still foolishly enter your credit card detail on the scam site in Hysolate.

Hysolate Website Redirect

You can also customize the extension for the list of websites you want to allow/redirect.

Hysolate Configure Extension

Wrapping Up

The good thing about Hysolate is that it is easy to use and well-integrated with the host system. Even if you are not technically inclined, you can set it up easily and start running applications in the virtualized environment in minutes. That it’s free makes it an even better deal as well.

Hysolate Free

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