Pay What You Want for $1479 Worth of Big Data Ebooks by Packt

Are you finding big data kind of confusing? That’s certainly understandable, but it doesn’t need to be that way. There’s help out there for you. One option is the HumbleBundle Big Data Ebook Bundle by Packt. Along with learning all you need to know about big data, you can pay what you want and only get the books you really need.

There is another benefit as well to buying this book bundle. Know that the amount you pay will include a portion of the money going toward charity. The charities Humble Bundles support include Make-a-Wish, American Red Cross, Save the Children, and WDC – Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

Pay $1 or More, Get These Titles


Master Apache Spark 2.x
By Romeo Kienzler

Splunk Essentials
By Betsy Page Sigman and Erickson Delgado

MongoDB Cookbook
By Cyrus Dasadia and Amol Nayakis

Getting Started with Hadoop 2.x
By A K M Zahiduzzaman

Learning ElasticSearch 5.0
By Ethan Anthony

Pay $8 or More, Also Get These Titles

Modern Big Data Processing with Hadoop
By V. Naresh Kumar and Prashant Shindgikar

Apache Hive Essentials
By Dayong Du

Learning Elastic Stack 6.0
By Pranav Shukla and Sharat Kumar M N

Learning Hadoop 2
By Garry Turkington and Gabriele Modena

Apache Spark with Scala
By Frank Kane

Working with Big Data in Python
By Alexis Rutherford

Statistics for Data Science
By James D. Miller

Python Data Analysis
By Armando Fandango

Learning R for Data Visualization
By Fabio Veronesi

Pay $15 or More, Also Get These Titles


Big Data Analytics with Hadoop 3
By Sridhar Alla

Mastering MongoDB 3.x
By Alex Giamas

Artificial Intelligence for Big Data
By Anand Deshpande and Manish Kumar

Big Data Architect’s Handbook
By Syed Muhammad Fahad Aktar

Hadoop Real-World Solutions Cookbook
By Tanmay Deshpand

Build Scalable Applications with Apache Kafka
By Tomasz Lelek

Learning Apache Cassandra
By Tomasz Lelek

Data Science Algorithms in a Week
By Dvid Natingga

Python Data Science Essentials
By Alberto Boschetti and Luca Massaron

Mastering Tableau 10
By Tim Messar

Java for Data Science
By Richard M. Reese

Pay what you want and learn more about big data in this book bundle worth $1479.

HumbleBundle Big Data Book Bundle by Packt

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