Weekly Wrap-up: Faster Windows Startup, Limit CPU Usage, Render IE Like Chrome, And Many More…

One of the frequently asked questions in Make Tech Easier is how to make Windows startup faster. So in this week, we show you how you can do so without installing any special software. In addition, for those who love eye candy on their Windows 7 desktop, we also show you how to create your own Windows 7 theme and use them in multiple computers.

Other articles include review of Cairo dock, limit your application CPU usage in Linux, create screencast with Screenflow, create jumplist items for your site in IE 9 and many more.

Lastly, don’t forget to participate in our weekly giveaway – PixelApp Studio’s Magic Collage.


Popular articles

  1. How to Control Windows Startup Programs Without Special Software
  2. How to Limit The CPU Usage of Any Process in Linux
  3. How to Create Your Own Windows7 Theme

The rest of the articles

  1. 6 Features to Make You Reconsider Using Hotmail
  2. Snippet: How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 9 in Windows
  3. How to Create Video Tutorials on Your Mac Using ScreenFlow
  4. How to Download Files Directly Into Your iPhone
  5. How to Set Up Your Own (Free) Dark Age of Camelot Server
  6. How to Create Jumplist Items For Your Site For IE 9
  7. Relooking at Cairo Dock For Linux
  8. Spiritual And Religious Software For Linux
  9. PixelApp’s Magic Collage v2.3 [Free Giveaway]
  10. Ninite For Linux: Install Multiple Applications Without Any Hassle
  11. Spark: Easily Create Hot Keys For Almost Any Application in Mac

News for the week

  1. Updated Gmail app for Android
    Google has debundled the Gmail app in Android and now the Gmail app is available for download in the market. The updated Gmail app include new message header and limited support for Priority Inbox.
  2. New fonts in Google Docs
  3. Google Adds Two Factor Security Authentication
  4. The evercookie
    The evercookie is a persistent cookie that cannot be deleted easily.
  5. Facebook Launches Page Browser to Help You Discover Interesting Pages
    There are ten of thousands Facebook pages out there. Some are buried in the crowd waiting to be discovered. Facebook now releases a Page browser so you can discover new pages to “like” easily.
  6. Here it comes: ‘Super WiFi’
  7. Chrome Frame Releases Stable Version, Now Your Internet Explorer Can Render Like Chrome
    After a year of beta, Chrome Frame is now finally in stable version. Download the plugin now to render your Internet Explorer like Chrome.

Other useful How-to articles

  1. Use Finder Windows as Application Launcher
  2. 10 Dead Simple Gmail Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
  3. How to Remove or Uninstall Unwanted Browser Toolbars
  4. Make Ubuntu Look Like Mac OSX In Seconds Using Macbuntu
    We have written many articles to turn Ubuntu to Mac OSX. Macbuntu is another script that you can use to turn your Ubuntu into Mac OSX.
  5. Useful Adobe Photoshop Techniques, Tutorials and Tools
    Adobe Photoshop users will definitely find this list useful.
  6. Two Windows 7 Speed Up Tips
  7. Fix Common Internet Explorer Problems With SF IE Restorator
  8. Anonymously Browse the Internet, Send Email, and More

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