How to Make Your Home Kitchen Smarter

The Internet of Things is changing so much about our home lives these days. Whether it’s the way we handle our home security, our Internet connectivity, or even the way we wash our clothes, it seems like you can’t escape the ever-increasing number of appliances that are getting hooked up to the Web. But what about our kitchens?

As IoT continues its inexorable march into the future, here’s a list of some of the most innovative and exciting developments in kitchen IoT that can help you take your home into the 21st century.

Smart Fridges

As one of the first devices in the kitchen that gained Internet connectivity, smart fridges have quickly evolved into one of the central members of the smart home that can help you do everything from scheduling your day while you drink your morning coffee, to ordering groceries when you start to run low. Some of the more recent innovations include internal cameras tied to external displays that will let you see what’s inside the fridge without opening the door, which can reduce energy costs from the heat exchange that happens each time you swing it open.

Smart Microwaves


From one of the oldest to one of the newest innovations in IoT kitchen appliances, smart microwaves are looking to make a big impact in 2019. With the introduction of the Alexa-compatible AmazonBasics microwave, a whole new category of products has opened up which can be voice activated, alert you on your smartphone when your food is done, and even re-order popcorn for you when your stash runs out!

Smart Cooking Appliances


Not everyone can be an expert chef, which is why it’s great that so many new IoT cooking appliances have hit the scene that make the process of whipping up the perfect eggs or baking a beautiful cake easier than ever. Whether it’s WiFi-connected sous vide machines, IoT-ready crock pots, or smartphone-linked thermometers, being able to monitor and control your cooking process from anywhere in the house is the ultimate in lazy-pro cooking technology.

Odds and Ends

While these next products don’t really have any one specific category they neatly fit into, they encompass more of that broader spirit of designers and inventors in recent years to make your kitchen experience as connected and seamless as possible. One of the biggest additions in this department is the Amazon Dash button, which has given a whole new strategy to advertisers looking for ways to cement brand loyalty. (And they also make it super easy to re-order paper towels when you run out).

Next there’s the The Sensor Can,¬†which takes the mess and fuss out of trying to get something gross into your trashcan while also getting the lid open with your hands or foot. From SimpleHuman, the Sensor Can responds either to hand gestures or voice commands, which means you can shout “Open can!” from across the kitchen and hit that three-point shot with your wadded-up pile of wet paper towels cleanly and with no hassle.

Finally, we wouldn’t have a complete list of IoT kitchen gadgets if we didn’t mention GE’s line of connected ovens, which can make long cook times (like getting a big turkey ready) that much easier and less stressful, allowing you to come and go as you please and be able to turn off the oven from wherever you are in the world — just in case you have to run to the store to pick up pumpkin pie before the stuffing has to be on the table!

Are these gadgets you are already using in your home? Let us know in the comments!

Chris Stobing
Chris Stobing

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