How Would You Describe the State of Online Advertising? [We ask you]

Online advertising takes many forms and appears many different places, and it doesn’t seem like it’s a trend that is waning. It only appears to be increasing, although people don’t seem to want it. How would you describe the state of online advertising?

The state of online advertising has become big enough that it has created an industry out of adblocking. It would seem as if people just don’t want it or see the need for it. Yet the practice of infiltrating the Internet with ads continues. They pop up everywhere. They pop up on websites. They show up on Facebook. They start playing before you can watch a YouTube video. It’s hard to avoid them. Yet they are necessary for those who make their living on the Internet to make money. If you click through them or watch them, someone is making money off of it, and often that money is used to provide the content that you’re reading or watching.

But that doesn’t mean you have to like the ads. Hopefully, with the amount of ads that appear they are useful in some way. Ideally they connect in some way to the content you are interested in reading or watching, but we all know it doesn’t always happen that way.

If you were given just one word, how would you use it to describe the state of online advertising? Please let us know in the comments below.

Image Credit: Pascale PirateChickan