How Would You Describe the State of Online Advertising? [We ask you]

How Would You Describe the State of Online Advertising?

Online advertising takes many forms and appears many different places, and it doesn’t seem like it’s a trend that is waning. It only appears to be increasing, although people don’t seem to want it. How would you describe the state of online advertising?

The state of online advertising has become big enough that it has created an industry out of adblocking. It would seem as if people just don’t want it or see the need for it. Yet the practice of infiltrating the Internet with ads continues. They pop up everywhere. They pop up on websites. They show up on Facebook. They start playing before you can watch a YouTube video. It’s hard to avoid them. Yet they are necessary for those who make their living on the Internet to make money. If you click through them or watch them, someone is making money off of it, and often that money is used to provide the content that you’re reading or watching.

But that doesn’t mean you have to like the ads. Hopefully, with the amount of ads that appear they are useful in some way. Ideally they connect in some way to the content you are interested in reading or watching, but we all know it doesn’t always happen that way.

If you were given just one word, how would you use it to describe the state of online advertising? Please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Is online advertising actually working?
    Has anybody done any OBJECTIVE research on the matter?
    Does anybody actually give a damn if online ads work or not?
    Or is it a case of companies advertising online because they afraid not to?

  2. Messing around with peoples minds to buy things, it’s totally disgusting that mega industries try to rule the world.

    Money, power, world domination…

  3. In an acronym, SNAFU. I’m going to let y’all figure that out.
    Ads have become more and more numerous and take up entirely too much space on the page. Some ads even break pages. I block these page-breaking ads to actually use websites, but I tend to allow ads through on pages that work with ads.

  4. A site that not only ran ads but helped advertisers create informative landing pages for those ads, would soon be able to command a premium CPM rate. I’ve been on this hobbyhorse before, and even did a series of tests to prove my online ad thesis, but nobody wanted to listen. So it goes.

  5. Pervasive.

    Comments: Insultingly banal, endlessly repetitive, off the mark and poorly conceived advertising has ended personal TV and radio consumption. On the web, it necessary to block everything. Any site that send me to elevator page is immediately deleted from the browser. No magazines, no newspapers. Highly developed triple filter telephone call blocker keeps telemarketers at bay. Require cookies–you don’t get my business.

    Rule of thumb: the more an item is advertised the less value it is for the money asked. Prime example: American cars. No good product needs an advertising campaign. How many Lamborghini advertisements do you see? Case closed.

    When a site is littered with advertising I criticize it repeatedly to “contact us” even though I know c-level assholes that approve the dribble will never receive it. No second chance; piss me off with your crapertisements and your product will never enter my world. What I don’t reveal is personal influence with hundreds of others. ©2015

    Some companies just do stupid things (Best Buy, GM, AT&T, IBM, Parker, Chrysler, Lenovo, Sony, Sprint, Kraft, Campbells, Pennzoil, Western Digital, etc.). Hell could freeze over and I still won’t deal with them. I don’t visit brick and mortars because of tracking, unauthorized cellphone hacking, face recognition, and numerous other privacy violations; you’d be incensed if you had any idea …. advertising is only the tip of the offenses. If you ask me for an ID, sale cancelled (not required under any law for general purchases). Forget bio-metrics–nothing is that necessary. Just say “No!” and walk out.

  6. On Line advertising is the troll of the internet, anyone supporting it is just vested in it in some way. For the average Internet surfer its utter rubbish.

    Example: You buy one item lets say a tooth brush, the next day you are bombarded with tooth brush ads, but the brush was already bought why would one buy more brushes? Missing the boat by a mile.

    Some internet savy surfers have known for decades how to reverse troll the ad trackers much like spammers breaking through spam filters, so good that a site will end up posting a particular type of ad which is counter to the site you are viewing. Nothing gets a good laugh like a feminist site with nothing but sexist ads. Epic fail. There are so many ways to out troll the ad trolls, too many to include here and who would want it to be in the common domain, as we’d have to change or raise our bar once again.

    Long live the internet.

  7. This page today:
    6 ads that have nothing to do with the subject. 2 are duplicates!
    one of them can be seen as job related (for me) but it is completely unneccessary for me as I alreday use that product for years and started using it without ever seeing an ad from them

    Normally I don’t look to them anymore and they don’t disturb me if they are not blocking any content.

    1. After re-activating my ad blocker (AdBlock for Chrome) none!
      It states it blocked 5 ads. Seems correct as I had one duplicate

  8. It’s refreshing to see the replies. Perhaps I am not a stranger in a strange land. Daan has it right. Google wants to own the world. latest acquisitions: Skybox (read that Skynet!) spy satellites, spy thermostats (Nest) Android (Spy) phones, and owning affordable housing in cities. I blocked google with my Windows host file. It is amazing how often a web search does not go directly to the site you want, but rather redirects to google so they can track you. Nazis!
    It’s a lot like a blood infection or bone cancer. I personally cannot understand online advertising. Are people sheep? It must be because I have never bought anything based on an ad on a web page – ever. It’s a lot like TV commercials, ignore or fast forward if it’s on DVR. Who buys all the crap offered? I will try to win this losing battle to keep my personal life data away from these evil big data corporations.

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